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    Worldzone Pro

    Well, they may have had a past history of being down a lot, but for the past half a year I don't remember any major downtime. A minute or two now and then but not often. I do not believe that WorldzonePro is going to accept money orders but they have been changing nearly everything. They have...
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    Please review my site!

    The design is simple but good. The top background is repeating itself on my resolution so you may want to setup some css to fix that. Everything else looks pretty good (except the fact I can't read it, lol).
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    I have to give it a 3 out of 10. - Don't have those falling leaves. The only people that enjoy that is people who don't know what the heck they are on the web for. It crashes many browsers... la la la... - Get rid of the marquee.... those things are annoying and too much of Microsoft. - The...
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    Get out the rating scale...

    No kidding. Make it server side though so no one knows it. Use PHP to check the browser and then print the right page. I give your site a 9 because it's great! The only thing I didn't care for was the IFRAMES because I'm against frame completely.
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    Okay, I changed my site around a bit. Everyone mind reviewing it again? Also, can you give me a rating of 1-10(10 being best). http://www.mephex.com/default/
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    Looking For Webspace

    A couple of good hosts.... Zeonhost.com Home page: http://www.zeonhost.com/ Plans & prices are here: http://www.zeonhost.com/plans.php Comments: They have everything but domain registration, you can do that for a pretty good price at http://gkg.net. They are rather new but are so far so...
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    Please take a look

    I like the background! A couple suggestions.... - On your site, try to do something with the menu because it was annoying that it closed. Use a cookie or something to keep it open from page to page. - On your client pages, they all look relatively similar, especiall the menu buttons. Make...
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    Argh. I like my header/footer that is there. It maybe simple but all my friends who use WebTV love it because it loads fast.
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    Any suggestions on where I could add more graphics? Lol. I'm having trouble with that part. I don't see where it needs more graphics. Many people add graphics just to add them, what's the point when it is slowing your site down?
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    Need host no more than $50 a year

    Lol. No, let me clear that up. I help with support at Worldzone which gets me some free web space with all the goods. I work hard for it (unlike some people I know).
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    Need host no more than $50 a year

    Well, I'm not worried about it. I don't pay for it using money, <s>I use other means</s>(edited: I help with support!).
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    There isn't much content but I want my site DESIGN reviewed. It's pretty simple, but I think it will do. What do you think? http://www.mephex.com/default/ d00dleboy P.S. If this post is against the rules, let me know!
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    Need host no more than $50 a year

    I recommend WorldzonePro too. They've been having server problems but it seems to be getting back to normal now.