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    [Looking] New VPS w/cPanel

    Anymore offers? I have reduced my Space to 10GB+
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    [Looking] New VPS w/cPanel

    Hi, My Current host is great and can't say anything wrong about them... although I'm in the looking zone for a new VPS. Could you guys provide me a price quote for the following: VPS: Space: 10GB+ Bandwidth: 200GB+ IPs: 5 Control Panel: cPanel Enough CPU Ram: atlease 256MB Please quote me...
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    PHP coded program not working properly - needs repairs will pay

    PM Me.. I'm willing to help you out at a great rate.
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    Selling DIRECTWS.com.. anyone interrested?

    Hi, As the title says.. I'm selling directws.com. The domain is expirering in july 15th, 2008. If anyone is interrested please PM me or post an offer. Warm Regards, Pat
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    Design needs reviews :D

    Version 3 looks very nice. Nicely done!
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    Looking For a Fully Managed VPS

    This has been sorted, please close thread.
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    Looking For a Fully Managed VPS

    Anyone else would like to make an offer? Warm Regards, Pat
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    Looking For a Fully Managed VPS

    Hi, I'm looking for a new host that could offer me a managed VPS. Here are my requirements: 50GB of Space 500GB Bandwidth 5+IPS cPanel Fantastico Fully Managed A good amount of CPU and RAM Fast Server (No celeron thing) The company has to be in business for over 2 years...
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    VM Ware Player

    VMPlayer works like a charm... If you don't have any image yet... use this site: easyvmx.com And you can create yourself your own image file from that site.
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    Canadian hosting please!

    Sure no trouble, Here you go prdscripts.com
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    Canadian hosting please!

    Hello Meksilon, I've been hosted by TorXcom for a few months now, and I'm a very happy customer.
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    Cpanel 11 VPS running on VMWARE

    I wouldn't see the problem, although make sure you've got the IPs to get cPAnel working.
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    Do you think buying a template reflects badly on your company?

    Helly Tylar, You said it right about simplicity for template Monster although here is an idea of mine. If you wish to have an easy way of modifying your template, you could have an Admin section, where can could logging and make the modifications of the site then save, and its done. If...
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    PHP Programmer for hire

    I'd like to mention that Joe, works very well and very fast. Keep it up Joe!
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    Force ads on accounts automatically for FREE with cpanel ...

    Great work Joe! Keep coming with those ideas!
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    Jewlzk.com Gone?

    Give it time, and I'm sure everything will get done Jonny! ;)
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    Jewlzk.com Gone?

    Eadwired, if I were you, try submitting a ticket, and it might get fix faster.
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    Windows Servers + Cron + Hosting = Doom?

    Everything is about how you manage your server. If its well managed, no its not dangerous.
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    Directadmin or cPanel?

    lol.. this post is 2 years old.. October 23rd, 2005, 09:49
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    Installing a SSL, I need Help

    Mod please close this thread, since this has been completed, and is fully functionnal. Thanks for the help of everyone.