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  1. katiekitty

    Did you liked the Facebook Timeline?

    It makes my Firefox lag! Before they add that, Facebook is laggy enough, but now, it is even more laggy!
  2. katiekitty

    Got scammed by Host1free affiliate, where to report?

    Well, they do that to my account which I just host my wordpress diary.
  3. katiekitty

    WHMCS or HostBill?

    Both WHMCS and Hostbill is good in terms of functionality. But it is sad to see that Hostbill do not have monthly license.
  4. katiekitty

    What is Best Support Ticket System?

    I think Trelis is good enough. If you don't need something too fancy, then go for Trelis is a good choice.
  5. katiekitty

    Do you think hosts should be in business if they can not answer support tickets...

    From the whole conversation, I only see one thing. gotlinks is too demanding, although deeplist has did his best. How can a customer demand for something that the host do not provide while during the time the customer pay for the service, that particular option was not offered at the first...
  6. katiekitty

    Any free web hosting horror stories?

    I believe the topic is about horror stories with free hosting providers, not horror stories you have with those community sites or forums.
  7. katiekitty

    Strange E-mails from Web Hosts ?

    They suspended my hosting account for the same reason, saying that I am hosting copyrighted materials, while all I hosted in the account, is just a wordpress blog and it is just my diary!
  8. katiekitty

    is it hard to make webhosting?

    If it is as easy as what you say, then everyone can just start a hosting company and become rich. Have you forget that you need to maintain the servers, doing patching and other stuffs? Unless you are using some reseller hosting and not managing the servers youself, or else I don't see how easy...
  9. katiekitty

    Professional business should not trust free hosting

    Not all free hosts are bad. There are some good free hosts. Good free hosts usually will not give you ridiculous specs, and for that reason, they will be able to sustain for very long time.
  10. katiekitty

    Free web hosting needed that supports Rapidleech

    Some warez host who are just start business might host you for a round a month, then close down. But you will not be able to find them here, coz these type of hosts usually were banned before you can even find them.
  11. katiekitty

    WHM Client for iPad

    Do you have any screenshots for us to see it?
  12. katiekitty

    Anyone tried FireFox 5 yet?

    I am still using Firefox 3.6. I find it uncomfortable using Firefox 4 and above, and most of my plugins just won't work under Firefox 4 and above.
  13. katiekitty

    Which web browser do you use?

    You only need 1 web browser to do all your online browsing, if you are not going to test a website for compatibility with web browsers.
  14. katiekitty

    Is anyone still using anything below Windows XP?

    I am still using Windows XP occasionally. It is still working very good, and even better than Vista.
  15. katiekitty

    hey guys, check this

    Dump her. A girl should not do this in front of her husband/bf.
  16. katiekitty

    Price you would pay for domains.

    So what is the price for a .com domain that ICANN charge your company? I am quite interested to know the exact cost that registrars pay to ICANN for each domains,
  17. katiekitty

    Best Free Ecommerce Shopping Cart

    PrestaShop is very easy to use compare to others.
  18. katiekitty

    What is free blog hosting .???

    If you are talking about hosting multiple blog, then I think Wordpress-mu is the one you are talking about. If you are talking about hosting multiple forums, then I think you are already out of topic.
  19. katiekitty

    I need a dedicated server in Asia

    I think it is best if you look for servers in Hong Kong, if you want to have the best latency to China and Japan,
  20. katiekitty

    WHMCS or HostBill?

    I vote WHMCS. Simply because it is easy to use and there is a lot of plugins for what we need.