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    Free AD Space & Forum Posts!

    Yep, you read the topic right, FREE! You can win these prizes just for submitting quality reviews of your favorite product! Link: http://acereviews.org Check it out!
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    Critique AceReviews.Org Design

    Please critique the design of my website. Link: http://acereviews.org
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    [TRADE] Code WP Template

    I need a Wordpress template coded. It will be an easy job. As I short on Paypal right now, I can only offer a trade. iAmXbox.Com Arcade-Fire.Net MVTrain.Com All domains regged in March, so they have a whole year to expire. These domains are very brandable. Also, you will receive a lifetime...
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    Fansite Hosting

    I would like some free fan site hosting for my website TMVFans.Com - Your unofficial resource for anything related to the greatest band to hit the stage, The Mars Volta My only requirements are that there is NO popups, and that you have been in business for more than 1 year. Thanks!
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    Review my website

    Great color, and I love the banner! Great job :)
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    Doomsday sucks

    Really stuff? Well, the commercials look great...
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    Help Me Make a Decision

    Good point, ads dont get clicked often/at all anyways...
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    Doomsday sucks

    Really! Awww man, I wanted to see that too! Ah well, Ill probably still go see it anyways :D
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    Is it inquiring about MySQL? Try: localhost OR subdomain.my5gb.com Good luck ;) P.S.- Im pretty sure this is in the wrong section ;)
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    Help Me Make a Decision

    Alright, thanks :) Im sorry, it just seems that there is alot of people (not all though) that have a negative attitude when it comes to other people "joining" the business. That was exactly the kind of positive advice I was looking for. Thanks ;)
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    Is hosting getting harder?

    The hosting itself isnt hard; its gaining clients that can be tough.
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    Help Me Make a Decision

    @ Dan: I never implied its a game, nor did I suggest I wasnt serious about it. @ Stan: I dont know what the hell an ickle choo choo is. Thanks for your useful encouragement and advice. ;)
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    Starting a new Paid WebHost

    Thats exactly the kind of attitude you should have! Im not going to tell you not to get into the business (because negative attitudes just dont coincide well with the hosting biz), but I will warn you that it may be hard to earn customers and money. Good luck ;)
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    Pricing & Packaging?

    I think the ratio given by Schmarvin is a good one, although it truly depends how much total disk space and bandwidth you have.
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    $2.95 cPanel VPS!!!

    I hope nobody was stupid enough to actually buy this :D Thats... I cant even describe how dumb that is!
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    Why or Why Not Start A Hosting Company?

    If you want to, Id say go for it. Were just trying to let you know that hosting is a cut-throat industry. I wish you good luck ;)
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    Am I a freak?

    Yes. :D Just kidding, cleaning isnt unmanly, its just uncommon :) I hire someone to clean my house though (Im a wee bit lazy, can you tell :D)
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    Review "The Linker"

    The peach color makes me want to run off a 7th floor balcony! Just kidding :) But may I suggest you go for a blue-ish color? BTW: What does this script do? P.S.- Dont worry, I live in a house :P
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    Please Review Infozeal.com - It's all about Free Advertising

    I really like the colors, and it looks good! 7/10 @ Qunir: Since when has Google run a classified ads site?