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    Private Registration

    What are everybody's views on private registration of domains (so that the owners' personal info is kept confidential)? Godaddy used to offer it for free for one year. 1and1.com gives away free private registration. Do you think that 1and1.com will start charging for the service? Canada just...
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    Fast New Proxy

    You should ad your proxie to the http://www.proxyannouncer.com newsletter. Just found out about it yesterday.
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    Best Ad Revenue Programs - Look Here First!

    Has anybody mentioned Pepperjamnetworks? How about adlandpro.com and popupad.net?
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    Free Instant Link Exchanges - no registration, no email, no forms required

    You may instantly add links to your sites to the following homepages: Google Adsense Referral News Free Web Hosts Electronics Wins Free Advertising with Adsense Revenue Sharing
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    Free automated search engine submitter, banner rotator, traffic tracker

    Automated URL submissions: Submit Here for Free and Submit Here Too Traffic Tracker: See who recently referred traffic Free Banner Rotator
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    *Free 100MB/500MB Hosting!

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    Free good quality hosting needed for teaching site

    try http://moved.in just ask for an invite in their support forums
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    Need free hosting with cPanel and 100MB+

    Try http://moved.in Just ask for an invite in their forum.
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    See PCWorld Best 101 freebies

    http://www.pcworld.com/reviews/article/0,aid,124883,pg,17,00.asp PCWorld magazine, May 2006. My favorites are Firefox, Thunderbird, Free Download Manager, PDF Creator, Spybot, Ad-aware, Gmail, Yahoo Briefcase, Nvu, FoxitReader . . .
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    clixgalore pays well for pay-per-lead

    I have done well with a few of the clixgalore.com network's pay-per-lead advertisers.
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    Need GREAT CPC and CPM program

    pheedo.com pays well for both cpc and cpm. You end up with a mix of cpc and cpm. All you control is the ad size and the ad category.
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    Google, Adbrite, Clicksor, Bidvertiser, YPN. Which one?

    I don't think anything compares to Google. None of them even begin to pay as much, partly because they have a very hard time attracting worthwhile advertisers. Google attracts ads that people want to find out about.
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    Who knows about slideintraffic.com

    Does anyone know anything about the reliability of slideintraffic.com? I found them through an Adsense ad and they say they pay 50 cents cpm, and they say they pay through PayPal, but they do not provide information about when they pay or about minimum payouts and they do not answer emails...
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    Free Hosting: No Ads, No Posting, Instant Activation

    Now I see the popups or interstitials or whatever they are. They seem to have gotten around Firefox and now load before any other page does. Who needs that?
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    Free Hosting: No Ads, No Posting, Instant Activation

    Thanks for pointing that out, Jesse. I have never seen the popups because I use Firefox, and I forgot that I had turned popup notification off (and therefore Firefox was not telling me about the popups and I wasn't looking for the icon at the bottom of the window).
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    Free Script for Web Hosts

    Free Script lets you give out webspace to your friends and family or to the world at large.
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    Free WHM Offer !

    You should add your TOS and AUP links to your message right here in this forum. I hate hunting around for rules and TOS.
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    Free Hosting: No Ads, No Posting, Instant Activation

    Watch your accusations, because you must have something wrong with your browser. There are no popups or popunders on http://webspace.ulmb.com and http://host.costfreehost.com. By the way, sign-ups are closed due to the TOS on ulmb.com
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    Free Hosting: No Ads, No Posting, Instant Activation

    1) When you sign up, it takes you to the registration page for the forum. After you activate your forum membership, you then use your forum username and password to sign in to your hosting account at host.costfreehost.com or http://webspace.ulmb.com. You do not have to post in the forum...
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    Free Hosting: No Ads, No Posting, Instant Activation

    The information about the offer is in the forum http://webspace.ulmb.com/phpBB2/index.php http://webspace.ulmb.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=2 Beyond that, what you see is what you get. And it's free.