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    I don't like paypal very much

    Oh yeah I escalated a dispute against a scam hosting company before, and they decided in favor of the scam host because it was a "service". Ridiculous...it left me pissed.
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    Name.com Register

    Hello Alec, Yes, your domain name does receive a year's extension when you transfer your domain name. I apologize for any miscommunication there may have previously been. Please let me know if you have any further questions. Thank you, Elvis Name.com Yup you're right.
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    Adult forum hosting needed

    Sure. We at JotHost.com can host you. JotHost Quartz 500 MB space 5 GB bandwidth cPanel and all the extras Just make sure everything is legal. http://www.JotHost.com -Alec
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    Name.com Register

    Alec Poitzsch to support Hello. I am planning on transferring all my domains to Name.com. When I transfer a domain to Name.com, does it also renew the domain for another year? Thanks! -Alec Name.com Support to me Hello Alec, The expiration date will always be one year after the...
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    Name.com Register

    I use Name.com for all my new regs because of their great prices. They have pretty much all the features you need. Managed DNS might cost extra, and the only other bad thing is that if you transfer a domain to them, the domain does not get renewed for a year. Other than that, they're great in...
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    Widgetbucks Ban alot of acounts Today.

    I haven't gotten banned. They seem to be working perfectly for me.
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    JotHost - Free cPanel Web Hosting - No Posting Required!!!

    At JotHost, we provide free professional-grade cPanel web hosting for the online internet community. Our base plan does not require any forum posting or advertising whatsoever, and we have many more advanced plans for those who do indeed wish to participate in our online community. JotHost...
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    Looking for Post2Host hosts ONLY

    Sure. We at JotHost can offer you 500 mb of space and 5 gb of bandwidth at no obligation. Check us out at http://www.jothost.com You should join because we have a very active forum community.
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    Free Hosting Request

    JotHost.com is perfectly willing to host you, and we can offer 500 mb space / 5 gb bandwidth at no obligation: no forum posts and no ads. We have cPanel and all the great features of a professional webhost. Feel free to check us out at http://www.JotHost.com
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    Need hosting for anime blog

    JoeyV, this is a free hosting section :P Anyways, we here at JotHost would be glad to host you. Our default plan has no obligations whatsoever and 500 mb space / 5 gb bandwidth with all the great php & mysql features of cPanel. Plus, no ads or forum posts. Check us out at http://www.JotHost.com
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    In need of SponsorShip For MMorpg

    Hi celosia. We at JotHost can provide you a smiliar plan: 500MB space. 50GB bandwidth. No ads. No posts. cPanel. UNLIMITED sql databases. Check us out at http://www.jothost.com
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    Need Free Hosting

    We at JotHost can host you. Our default plan, JotHost Quartz, requires no posts or ads and is 500 MB / 5 GB bandwidth. Check us out: http://www.jothost.com -Alec
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    Help Needed

    Look around this forum. There are loads of good and reputable free hosting sites. Some hold competitions to give out domains.
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    NWH Networks is BACK!!

    Congrats NetWebHost Networks on making a great comeback!
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    Which hosts offer free TLD's

    At JotHost, we have a contest every once in a while for a free .com/.net/.org We're having one soon in fact.
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    Need Small Hosting

    Hi sanikim. Check out us at JotHost.com We can provide you a base plan of 500 mb, 5 gigabytes bandwidth with no posting necessary and absolutely no ads! Plus, you get unlimited mysql databases to run your drupal script on. Check us out! http://www.jothost.com
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    Best forum for a post2host freehost?

    MyBB if you cannot pay for vBulletin.
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    JotHost.com - *SPECIAL* - Free ReSeLLeRs - Limited PROMO

    We folks at JotHost.com are glad to present our new limited time Promotional offer! Free 1 GB space / 10 GB space LIFETIME cPanel Reseller Account!!! This is a limited time offer and will only be open to the next 25 users who request it on the JotHost forums. Note that I am only posting this...
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    Domain hosting needed

    Hi. Do you absolutely require PHP 5? We can offer you PHP 4 hosting with much larger specs, no ads, and absolutely no obligation on your part at JotHost.com JotHost Quartz - 500 MB space / 5 GB bandwidth - cPanel Please reply if you are interested.
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    NWH v2.0

    Sorry to see this. Good luck with your future endeavors.