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    Free Forum Hosting: phpBB, 100+ skins, 100GB bandwidth, free domain

    Did you know that by using the name MyBB and MyBulletinBoard you're infringing on a trademarked name? http://www.mybboard.com
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    i would rather go watch a movie right now, its raining where i am. although 2 sounds pretty cool...
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    XMB Forum has been hacked!!!!

    It means what it means.. SOme other boards had the same exploit, we arent really allowed to mention names because they want to keep it quite (oBB wasnt one of them) important: keith knows phpBB2 is free, what he was saying was, when it comes to him choosing a free message board he...
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    mail() function

    oh, and tell them that if there is a ; in front of the lines they need to modify, tell them to remove it, that is a comment
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    mail() function

    there should be something similar to this in the PHP Configuration file [mail function] SMTP=localhost ;for win32 only sendmail_from=me@localhost.com ;for win32 only ;sendmail_path=;for unix only, may supply arguments as well (default is 'sendmail -t -i') Windows servers need to...
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    PHP Search engine help!

    try searching around at http://www.hotscripts.com/PHP/Scripts_and_Programs/ I think there is a script called phpDig (im not 100% sure) which would be great for you to learn from....
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    Instant Messenger Programs

    I mostly use msn but use AIM sometimes as well. :)
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    Misc. Jokes

    eww webdude, im gonna have to kill you for this :D :rolleyes: Anyway, you forgot to add another spanish one 3) Ash trays on a motorcyle. Now, we lead by 8 Webdude is kwel, leave him alone or you will deal with me ;) :p
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    XMB Forum has been hacked!!!!

    XMB 1.5 Gold will be out soon which will contain the fix, seeing its a very hard exploit to think up, we dont think it will be executed again... If you really want it fixed now, you can email me by clicking here Please included your forum name so i know who it is :)
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    Australians kick @$$!!

    Its no ones fault, things like this just happen. Nobody knows why? :cool2:
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    Australians kick @$$!!

    just so i dont miss out i have to have my little say in this: bleh! Aussie's rule and you all know it! We are the best! lol, who ever thought we would change the Anthem to Waltzing Maltida anyway :rolleyes: It was a crazy mans idea :D
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    XMB Forum has been hacked!!!!

    XMB wasnt the only board that had this bug, some others did as well, they have all fixed the bug with the fix we provided The hacking done was done with a special way of registering with a certain username and certain characters after it. Then the lost password function was used and the...
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    Good Dedicated Servers (and cheap!)

    Hello All! :) I am a developer of a free messgae board called XMB (http://www.xmbforum.com) currently, we are on a shared server. We have been ripping through bandwidth very quickly, so we are disucssing ideas of getting a dedicated server. The question is though, are there any good...
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    Free Hosting Script

    t35hosting was using an illegal version of Home Free anyway, the webmaster admitted it even. I posted on the Solution Scripts forums a while back and Ted answered me, i listed 2 sites using illegal versions
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    Ideas for FWP script features

    ;) sound great, i will buy this script when its released , i like the idea of all the features but you may want to include hosted counters, message boards, guestbooks, form mail Then this will beat many other hosting scripts
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    Anybody want to save NetCabins? Can you program in perl/php/mysql? CLICK :)

    i can help as well if you still need help, my email is webmaster@jellyman.net. I have done afew projects in PHP, current ones are JellyBook (very powerful guestbook in PHP+mySQL) it isnt released but you can view a demo at http://jellyman.net/devzone/jellybook/ and i am also helping and...
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    emailed enom asking them to release my domainzero domain

    exactly how do i get them to release my domain and what happens when this is done? do i have to find a new Domain Registrar to transfer to? thanks
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    Hi guys! anyway, i was just wondering if you guys know a cheap registrar to transfer my domain zero domains to and do i have to be over 18, have a CC etc etc thanks in advance:cool:
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    would people be interested in redirection under my domain?

    i wanna ask the same question what about username.is2kool.com ??? good eh? cyuz [Edited by surfichris on 04-05-2001 at 07:49 AM]
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    The three 'S''s Signup - pretty good, not automated but fast, within 24 hours. Thats a 7 Support - excellent, i submitted an email for support and they were back within 2 hours. Thats a must in every host 8 Services - i mean features by this. Good, stable, Telnet, IP, FTP, Site Admin...