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    Web proxy host needed

    candy, We at LaceHost can offer our LHP4 Deluxe proxy plan. It is not offered directly from our website, but we offer it as an upgrade to existing clients. Plan details - 15 GB space 150 GB bandwidth Unlimited domain names cPanel 11 Awstats + Bandwidth stats Price - $13.49/month (1 month...
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    Cheapest Ever Web Hosting | $11/year | PP, AP, MB, LR | 99.9% | 30 pages of reviews

    Hello Everyone, We at LaceHost are offering a FWS-Special plan, not available on our website. 1 GB Space 10 GB Bandwidth $11/year You can view our 30 pages of reviews made by over 300 of our DigitalPoint customers. DP Special - 1GB space - 10 GB Transfer - $11/year (Post Here/PM me...
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    Galaxy Solutions SCAM | Part 2

    Firstly, Jan & other admins/mods (except Dan, you work with GS) I am sorry for this 2nd thread , but due to an interesting discovery, which is too important for people to know the truth about this company & its scams. I believe the point of this forum is to discuss different providers with pros...
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    Galaxy-Solutions.net - Fraud / Scam / Extort Money / Blackmail - Do not go near them

    Correct. But GalaxySolutions suppose that I should have dreamt about it :) Here is my reply - http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showpost.php?p=9208501&postcount=8 A better place is to check the WHT thread, as the experts have commented on it -...
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    Galaxy-Solutions.net - Fraud / Scam / Extort Money / Blackmail - Do not go near them

    This proof cannot be falsified, I can provide you with my ticket link, where I told them about this & they accepted it.
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    Galaxy-Solutions.net - Fraud / Scam / Extort Money / Blackmail - Do not go near them

    The TOS has been changed now, to explain the total BW part. Till now it only said Excess Bandwidth would be charged at 50c per GB. Proof can be shown of this, if required.
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    Galaxy-Solutions.net - Fraud / Scam / Extort Money / Blackmail - Do not go near them

    Exactly. They never told me about the change. They say, I should have Dreamed about it.
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    Galaxy-Solutions.net - Fraud / Scam / Extort Money / Blackmail - Do not go near them

    I have been with Galaxy-Solutions.net (GS) for a long time. At first, they were really good, especially Richard Anderson. So, coming to the real story - I got a new server with them in April - AMD Dual Core 5600+ 2 GB RAM 250x2 HDD 2000 GB on 100mbit shared 5 IPs cPanel/WHM +...
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    Are we gonna be down for a week?

    & Dan , who works for Galaxy-Solutions , now ready my PM & probably ignores it. My first server (which was to be rebooted 6 hours ago) is still down & not rebooted, while my second server with them went down & then back up. There appears to be a fiber cut in the area, but it still does not...
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    Are we gonna be down for a week?

    I am facing the same problem now , 35 minutes since I sent the reboot request. A reboot request should be answered within 5 minutes.
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    Are we gonna be down for a week?

    Efil, I am a customer of Galaxy Solutions. Yes, their support response times are not the best in the industry. But, reboot requests to the Reboots Section in their Client Area are automatically forwarded to the MarquisNET DC, according to what I have seen & the servers are rebooted within...
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    Plz, EGold Webmoney payment hosting

    Hello BackSlash, We at LaceHost accept EGold, along with PayPal & MoneyBookers. (& unlike other hosts, we read what you have posted, before making an offer :) ) We can offer our LH1 plan 1500 MB space 2000 MB Bandwidth Unlimited Domains/Databases/Emails/FTPs cPanel 11 Price - $1.99/month or...
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    A good method of transferring cpanel to cpanel account?

    Refresh your license file on your VPS, via SSH - To move it, go to your reseller, change the theme of the large account to x3, if it is not already x3. Then login to that account's cPanel, go to File Manager. Select public_html, compress it. Move the new file inside public_html. Now, login to...
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    Proxy Hosting - $2.74/month - Unlimited Domains - PayPal, E-Gold, MB - 99.9% uptime !

    Hello Everyone, We at LaceHost have the following Proxy Hosting Plans on offer - Plan LHP1 - (29 Available) 100 MB space (upgradeable to 1 GB for free - Only for FWS members) 20 GB bandwidth Domains Unlimited cPanel 11 + Fantastico DeLuxe $2.99/month or $32.89/year (i.e...
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    Looking for webhosting

    Hello Red-X, Can you post your requirements ? Our LH2 plan is within your budget - Disk Space - 5000 MB Bandwidth - 60000 MB Unlimited Domains & Databases cPanel 11 + Fantastico DeLuxe Price - $4.49/month or $49.39/year To order, please visit - www.lacehost.com/shared-web-hosting.html A few...
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    [WTB]unlimited addon domain proxy hosting!

    I guess I am late. We had unlimited add-on domain proxy plans starting from $2.99/month 100 MB space 20 GB bandwidth $2.99/month Let me know if you change your mind :) Ishan
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    Web proxy host

    Hello, We at LaceHost can offer you our Basic Proxy Plan (LHP1) 100 MB space (upgradeable for free) 20 GB bandwidth cPanel Unlimited Domains Order here - http://www.lacehost.com/whmcs/cart.php?gid=0000000006 Some reviews - http://www.webhostingreviews.com/lacehost-reviews.htm...
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    Person asks for free reseller & then starts Abusing , what would you do ?

    Hello everyone, It is the first time I have encountered such a case. This guy came onto my Yahoo IM (it is displayed publicly on my website) Next day - Next Day - Now, this guy may post -ve reviews all over. What would you do in such a situation ? Ishan
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    Need Host Within An Hour

    Hello, We at LaceHost can offer exactly what you need, at your price - 5 GB space 50 GB bandwidth $4/month cPanel + Fantastico Deluxe Unlimited Domains Reviews - www.webhostingreviews.com/lacehost-reviews.htm www.customerhostingreviews.com/lacehost To order -...
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    Looking for Windows Dedicated!

    Hello, We at LaceHost can offer - Intel P4 2.4GHz (A minimum) 3.5 GB RAM 160 GB HDD 2TB Bandwidth 40 IPs Virtuozzo 30 Licenses $230 (Windows Web Edition / Standard Edition = Free) We do accept PayPal. Looking forward to hosting you, Thank you Ishan