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    free hosting request

    Do you have a preview of your site or something ?
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    Google AdSense

    overall google seems better. The method of payment is the same and google does have a good reputation, at least you know you'll get paid.
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    Google AdSense

    Google sends you a check when your balance is over 100$. The amount paid to you per click depends on the ad shown. Some ads pay more and some pay less. It depends on their type and the company. If you have a site with a fair amount of visitors you should make a nice revenue with google adsense.
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    Merry New Year!

    And your in front of the computer !?!?!?!?!?!?!?
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    Merry New Year!

    Still 2004 for me too. It's 16:53 now....
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    Looking for stable Free host (no "post to host" please)

    Guess you would have more luck if you said something about your site. What will it be about, what kind of stuff it will contain.
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    Need hosting, with no posting.

    He got an account from me ...
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    Need hosting, with no posting.

    If that didn't work out, give me a PM and i'll set something up for you.
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    Another Free Image Host

    1024 kb file size limit. 10 uploads/day for each user. 5 GB transfer/week for each user. Unused files are deleted after 10 days. Visit http://www.rozalia.info and start uploading your images today.
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    Are you a Geek? Take the test to find out!

    0,78895% Poser still a high percentage for me
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    How much would you pay?

    People are right. Too much space, too less bandwidth. I mean the only thing i can think of for it is for somebody to upload his movie collection so that his friend would download it the next month. ( and yes, this is stupid ). If you gave like 20 gb space and 150 gb bandwidth, that would...
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    Music you are listening to now

    Marc Anthony - Tan Solo Palabras My 40 gb iPod holds enough (bought from my own little salary -- no referal sites for europe .. )
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    How old are you???

    1 year old ... still to young to go to kindergarten ;)
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    Need a hosting on Dual Xeon Server

    It would be nice if you would tell the people what is your site about. The only host i know giving that much bandwidth for free is lifelesspeople.com, and they require forum posting.
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    FREE Image Hosting

    Resolves for me. Well... Some hosts pay from their own pocket. Some people actually do something without asking for something in return. AnnualHost the site looks nice and the speed is ok. Good Luck !
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    Beautiful place in the world!

    Norway is definately a nice place. But thinking about it i like many places.
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    How Fast??

    AMD Athlon XP 2800+ (Barton Core) MSI Delta-ILSR MainBoard 2 x 512 DDR OCZ (Dual Channel) GeCube Ati Radeon 9600xt 128 MB 1 x 250 GB Western Digital S-ATA 7200 RPM Creative SB Audigy 2 ZS 6.1 Logitech Speakers Cable 256/128
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    I need a good image hoster.

    Try this: http://www.izabel.info
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    Whats the size of your harddrive?

    Currently i have: 1x 250 WD SATA Maybe i'll get one more to set them up in raid if i get a nice bonus from my boss :)
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    need info

    You could ask for a host which gives you cPanel with Fantastico which will automatically install a forum software for your. You will be left to create the categories and topics ... You could always check: www.phpBB.com www.InvisionBoard.com for more info. Those are the links for two...