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  1. vioflex

    Free old laptop?

    LOL :)
  2. vioflex

    Free old laptop?

    Oh, yeah. I'll really need some luck... :)
  3. vioflex

    Free old laptop?

    Hi, I am a student in Brazil and I help a few poor people to learn to read. The problem is that I do that by myself, with no one helping me. I need a laptop, even if it's kinda old, so I can help them better and also to give them some computing lessons. I can't afford a new laptop, but I...
  4. vioflex

    need free hosting NO ADS

    You could try www.clubhost.us .
  5. vioflex


    www.no-ip.com They offer a good service.
  6. vioflex

    Deep Excavation!

    Wow, 6 gbs of bandwidth is a lot
  7. vioflex

    200MB Web Space. 5GB Bandwidth. FREE! <<Coming Soon>>

    What about a site in portuguese? Do i need an english version? How many subdomains do we have?
  8. vioflex

    Need MySQL,PhP hosting

    Try www.clubhost.us if you wont have your own ads in your site.
  9. vioflex

    free hosting with mp3 needed

    What size are those files?
  10. vioflex


    madboy, I think all he wants to do is test a script, not provide free hosting (that´s hard when you only want 10 megabytes!)
  11. vioflex

    Easy Free Hosting

    Try geocities... If you don't want ads, copy the code when the page is ready and move to another server.
  12. vioflex

    Needs FREE domain and hosting

    There's a lot of forum contests that give out domains. Search the FWS forums and you'll find something like that.
  13. vioflex

    Need a remotely hosted mySQL database

    I think www.moonfreehost.com does that. But if you search google, you'll find a lot of other mysql hosts.
  14. vioflex

    i want a decent host

    What kind of site do you want to host? Do you mind ads? Posting?
  15. vioflex

    Alternative for Community Architect

    You mean a free reseller in exchange for ads? There's www.0catch.com, but if you ask for this in the forum you'll certainly have a good offer.
  16. vioflex

    I need hosting, help me please!

    They're back, aren't they?
  17. vioflex

    No posting please

    And what does the host gets?