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  1. Silent-X

    zorehost.com - 100% free webhosting (zpanel hosting)

    What is the connection speed to the servers, and might I ask what DC it might be housed in?
  2. Silent-X

    Caught in the ACT!

    Diablo 3 just came out not long ago sander k. Haven't given it a spin yet, looks interesting though. Love the image btw.
  3. Silent-X

    any "(clan) sponsoring marketplace"?

    Haven't really run across any sites dedicated to such, could always start one and try to get it out there. From what I have seen most providers and what not have a section setup for sponsorship applications and all that. Could also try the major gaming networks forums.
  4. Silent-X

    Godaddy $1 per domain offer.. hurry up.. grab yours..

    Think this is one deal I shall probably pass up on, have no plans on going back to godaddy, even for a $1 domain. Course I could register it, then transfer it out, but even then, tmw. Thanks for the heads up though.
  5. Silent-X

    ★★★ Free Beta Cloud VPS for 3 Months! ★★★

    What is the price after beta period is over? Also, what is the stance on private IRC on the VPS?
  6. Silent-X

    Whats your registrar?

    I use DynaDot.com, just transfered some domains from godaddy to them due to the cheaper prices and lack of bloat.
  7. Silent-X

    New games!

    L.A. Noire has taken up about 99% of my gaming time.
  8. Silent-X

    Don't buy Homefront

    They AI did suck quite a bit, and the enemy AI was way too accurate with their shots most of the time, not sure where the NK get their training, but man they have expert snipers. Happy I only grabbed it from redbox.
  9. Silent-X

    Need Apache Help VPS port 80 not accessible

    Some unmanaged will provide some assistance, and it never hurts to ask, unless of course you already did and this is like your last resort. dmmcintyre3 had a good suggestion, afair default firewall is pretty restrictive, also make sure nothing else has decided to take 80 over or something along...
  10. Silent-X

    Layout/Design Review Request

    flashfango: Not sure what you mean about that, people go to resource sites to view news, previews, reviews and all that stuff, which includes lots of text. Sain Cai: I will see about a longer fade. I am guessing you mean width wise on the resolution correct? I could try to bring the...
  11. Silent-X

    Free Server & Website Monitoring!

    Just got an email today saying my free trial is over, and that my 5 monitors are being turned to floating, or something like that, and that they will be removed.
  12. Silent-X

    100 GB Bandwidth, 10 GB Disk Space, 99% uptime and more..

    Looking at the style of the site, and features, looks more like a youhosting "reseller" then a VPS.
  13. Silent-X

    Layout/Design Review Request

    I used to have a BG that didn't scroll, didn't look right with my setup though. I changed the quality of the bg image, should fix the blemishes that were on the area where it turned dark blue.
  14. Silent-X

    Any interested in IPv6 VPS?

    I would also be interested in it, waiting to see when IPv6 really goes into major deployment with ISPs, kinda annoying having to use a tunnel on a dynamic IP.
  15. Silent-X

    Layout/Design Review Request

    No comments, suggestions or anything? Maybe a suggestion on good review scripts that would integrate well into vbulletin/vbadvanced, or a good way to go about doing it.
  16. Silent-X

    Layout/Design Review Request

    Looking to get the overall layout and what not of my vbadvance based site reviewed, let me know what you think. Although there isn't as much content with the current direction I am taking the site, I do plan to have it there one day. :cry2: Mostly looking for suggestions and what not on how...
  17. Silent-X

    Internet Speed

    FIOS 35/35 AT&T U-Verse 12/1.5
  18. Silent-X

    Free DNS host

    My current top is EditDNS.net (now owned by Dyn Inc), followed by he.net and then afraid.org. Didn't care too much for the new zoneedit panel, but maybe I didn't give it enough of a chance.
  19. Silent-X

    [UK Hosting] - Paradox Servers - 10GB/500GB - cPanel

    Never saw anything like that.
  20. Silent-X

    [UK Hosting] - Paradox Servers - 10GB/500GB - cPanel

    Server seems to be down, no response from anyone in the ticket system.