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  1. ebird

    netfirms support .exe

    maybe batchftp paid for the service?
  2. ebird

    6 free accounts, limited time only

    I assume all the account were taken by fws forum members? if so, is it possible to name them? Otherwise, it smells fishy.;)
  3. ebird

    6 free accounts, limited time only

    hi phpnuker, I would like to test your services. I would like to use a small online album on the accounts to see the performance. of course I will post my reviews on some forums. If it's OK, please email me at ebird@mail2world.com or PM me here for the info needed. Thanks. ebird
  4. ebird

    SubPortal.com :)

    Man, you digged out a 2-year-old topic!!! By the way, sub-portal is dying.
  5. ebird

    Are there have any one know chinese?

    Hi guys, There are some people who understand Chinese on this forum, but I think English is still a better choice on this forum. You will get faster and better answers when you write in English. Writing in another language will make some people can't help you.
  6. ebird

    Are there have any one know chinese?

    are you looking for people who understand Chinese or do you want a free host in China?
  7. ebird

    All free host have been down.

    I have a test account at free.host-x.com and it was fast. As long as it's free, fast, ad-free, why do you care it's a porn host or not?
  8. ebird

    about free host in chinaese.

    allanh, are you so innocent that you believe everything the media tells you? When they say "taiwan is a country", you just believe it?! Taiwan is not a country, and it's only a province of China. If you think taiwan is a country, please tell me why there are president of ROC and taiwan province...
  9. ebird

    All free host have been down.

  10. ebird

    Do free host really make money???

    I think with the decreasing bandwidth price, it should be easier for the host to survive, even the competition is hotter. There are some companies charge less than $150 for 300 GB transfer now. Let's take pop under for example. If the CPM is about $3, 100,000 pop unders should make slim...
  11. ebird

    about free host in chinaese.

    murat, please tell me since when there's a country called taiwan?
  12. ebird

    about free host in chinaese.

    China - Chinese Japan - Japanese So, what is taiwanese? I have never heard a country called Taiwan. Since you said you are from China, let's leave it like that. I think you'd better give all the information here directly, instead of letting others ask you.
  13. ebird

    File Storage or Similar

    I remember someone mentioned a .br free hositing give you unlimited space with 1GB transfer per month. You may want to try that. Search the forum.
  14. ebird

    File Storage or Similar

    get 2 yahoo! briefcase accounts.
  15. ebird

    www.host.sk bandwith

    I think that depends on your own connections? I use att cable now, and my upload speed is between 15k-20k. It's pretty reliable, and it's definitely much faster than crosswinds. That's damn good for a free host.
  16. ebird

    which is more likely to continue their free services, geocities or brinkster?

    these two are not at the same level. Geocities defiitely.
  17. ebird

    vBulletin Host

    No. vBulletin lite is free.
  18. ebird

    ikonboard and netfirms....

    your html folder shoule be xxx/xxxxx/xxxx/www then cgi folder, xxx/xxxx/xxxx/cgi-bin, something like this. When you run the installer, you should be able to figure it out.
  19. ebird

    Download phpBB2?

    I am on your side. I relied there, but here is the link (currently down) anyway. http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=7885
  20. ebird

    Tripod.co.uk just re-opened ....

    I also got the 100MB. I made one page to blank, then found it keeped "opening" ahought there's nothing to open on my page. And no popups. http://members.lycos.co.uk/netdb/