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    Stanley Cup...who's it gonna be this time?

    Every year...I close my eyes and pray that it will be the blues. Please let the St. Louis Blues win the stanely cup. In the pre-season they are doing pretty decent.(even thought they lost tonight) I still have faith in them.
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    How many of you have switched from free to paid?

    I swiched. I went from angelfire, to geocities, to envy.nu, to pitas. Finally decided i wanted to use blogger, and was hosted by a friend. Finally I decided to go for it and i bought my domain. This was last year. My "paid" hosting is only 9.00 every two months. :D
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    Reverse discrimination at work

    That logic is true. A friend of mine is an assistant manager at a almost all white business, he tries to hire people of different races ,backgrounds and ages. His General Manager recently told him to stop, and hire more young, white people who never worked before. It shouldn't be like that in...
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    i need free hosting (perl-cgi) for furom

    read this..it has what you need.
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    which HTML editor do u use most?

    I use edit pad lite, or cute html...it depends on my mood.
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    What's Your Favorite Song

    Favorite songs ATM: Boyz II Men--Relax Your Mind Patti Austin and James Ingram--Baby Come To Me Least favorite: ANYTHING ashanti Boys--Britney(ugh) pretty much anything on this list. the overplayed, overhyped and just plain annoying.
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    Journaling Script

    does anyone know of a good journaling script? Something other than the usual greymatter, b2, moveable type.(or, are those the only ones? i know there has got to be something else out there) I'd like CGI, but PHP is ok as well. Oh I have also looked the hotscripts, etc..etc..and found NOTHING...
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    No Google

    Oh I'm not, but I've written some personal things and gotten stuff like "well, that's what you deserve" and just immature crap. I'm just not in the mood for it, you know?
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    What age are you guys?

    Wow..I feel like a granny up in here.;)
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    No Google

    Daniel, I don't want my site indexed, because way, way back in the day I would get these freaky hits, and major harrassment. Google just irks me anyway. Thanks for the robot info. :)
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    No Google

    I am really fed up with google indexing my domain, and sites. I was wondering if there was a PHP script, or a CGI script that would block the googlebot from doing anything to my site. I don't submit it, and it's pissing me off. I use metatags, but obviously they do not work. I read about the...