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    Garnet Networks Budget Promo Sale! -- Lifetime & First Month Discount

    -------------------------------------------------------------- FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY--WHILE SUPPLIES LAST -------------------------------------------------------------- Garnet Networks is having a one-time sale that lets you own a great VPS for an extremely cheap monthly price! For $5.05/MO...
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    How to learn Website Designing ?

    Codecademy is a pretty good place. I used it for some javascript before years ago and I believe they added HTML and CSS into it. It also has some other things to learn if you're interested.
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    Which is better Free or Paid Hosting?

    They each have their pros and cons I support. Personally, I'll use a something for free like a trial, then when I take a more serious approach I'll move towards a paid option. (Webhosting would be a good example)
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    Which Windows versions you like?

    Personally, I like Windows 7 the best. While Windows 8 has some great features and speed, I think it's got a long way before it makes it self "worth wild" - even with the 8.1 update.
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    Best anti virus

    I've personally seen the best results with Avast! Free, but I gotta so some tests again since it's been a while. I often times just test an AV in a VM and then see how it goes from there.
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    Linux vs windows hosting

    I would say they're about the same since it's more of a preference... to me I would use Windows if I needed to, but if I could get away with Linux for what I need then I would easily use that instead because it's more secure and also uses less resources. Some program I run can't work in Linux at...
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    Video Editing Software

    I would say (and I know these are expensive but..) Sony Vegas Pro for video EDITING and then Adobe AE for effects and whatnot. I've used AE for making introductions and adding effects to a movie clip, but I use Vegas to splice it all together and then render the final product in there. Vegas...
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    Gmail or y mail

    I easily would prefer Gmail, not only because it's fast and reliable, but because I have it linked with my phone as well. Just makes it nice and easy for me to have it all in one place (in a way).
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    do you have an account in Linked in ??

    Yeah, I use LinkedIn, although I only use it to keep track of my resume and then generate a resume for me in PDF form when I need it. I don't really use it for the whole "social" aspect of it.