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  1. trenzterra

    Creating an iOS + Android app for my community!

    I was looking around and noticed a community names http://www.rsclegacy.com took an older version of runescape and made a community of it. They made it android compatible and use https://discordapp.com/ for their chatroom. You may want to look into that, it's free too!
  2. trenzterra


    Weird as it seems, but I came across the word 'stu' somewhere and I got instantly reminded of this forum. FWS has somewhere on my bookmarks bar since forever, but I never really bothered about it (as with many other bookmarks). So I clicked, and in a way I'm happy at how many things stayed the...
  3. trenzterra

    Sii---x Hundred!

    I don't know why I got reminded of stu and decided to pop by here, so I guess this is most apt:
  4. trenzterra

    10,000 posts

    Congratulations :)
  5. trenzterra

    Ten years, -----es

    Nine actually. :)
  6. trenzterra

    Ten years, -----es

    It's scary when I see my join date. It's literally half my life ago. :lol: But by golly, these ten years have flown by. The even scarier part is that I feel worse off than before. At least I had ambitions ten years ago, however childish it may seem when looking back. Now reality has brought me...
  7. trenzterra

    Another One Bites The Dust

    It's okay, i think i somehow stopped posting in 2005. oh hi jan!
  8. trenzterra

    Another One Bites The Dust

    Lol what was your name before? I dunno, I pop in every now and then nowadays, when the internet is moving really slow. i've run out of content to surf. I'm in the army right now anyway, serving my national service, so haven't had the time as well.
  9. trenzterra

    what is your dream in your life?

    Yes with respect to other countries. But considering that the average person relies on public transport, it's hugely frustrating when the trains and buses are packed (almost as in Japan) during peak hours and lapses that are seem to be more common nowadays. Plus the increasing number of...
  10. trenzterra

    what is your dream in your life?

    For a clearer picture, for a car to be road-worthy in Singapore, a Certificate of Entitlement must first be obtained. This applies to all cars, imported or not, if you want to drive them on the road. It works on a quota-based, bidding, demand-supply system. The policy right now is about a...
  11. trenzterra

    Another One Bites The Dust

    Why would anyone request to ban themselves, that is the question :S
  12. trenzterra

    what is your dream in your life?

    Buy a car, and maybe start a family. In Singapore, a car costs about US$80,000, and that's before gas, maintenance, road tax and insurance.
  13. trenzterra

    wth is "planking"?

    It's the most retarded thing I've ever seen, and it pains me to know that it's a fad catching on in my country :(
  14. trenzterra

    So, since I've been gone....

    Is it just me or the new vBulletin theme looks kinda hideous? :(
  15. trenzterra

    Which Forum software do you prefer?

    I used to love Woltlab back when it was free, it was almost on par with vBulletin IMO. However, since then I've only used phpBB... Thing with phpBB is that it has an awfully long development cycle.
  16. trenzterra

    Hey Ben

    damn, me too :o that would be half my life on fws.
  17. trenzterra

    im crying

    I dunno, he disappeared again! I like this:
  18. trenzterra

    im crying

    happy xmas^^ Lol it all happened when meow somehow found me on my blog. So i decided to check what's up over here, haha.
  19. trenzterra

    What Windows Versions have you used?

    95 98SE ME XP (Home & Tablet PC Edition) Vista Ultimate 7 Ultimate was a BETA tester for vista and 7 so yeah. otherwise i would've gone home premium :)
  20. trenzterra

    im crying

    lmao i find it funny that "appropreate" wasn't autocorrected