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    Review: JMDCMS - Open Source CMS

    JMDCMS does require MSSQL 2000 or 2005. The install is really simple. 1. Create and intialize the database. 2. Create site in IIS and copy the JMDCMS binary files. 3. change the connection string in web.config file. Thats it!!!!
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    Review: JMDCMS - Open Source CMS

    Thanks for your valuable comments guys! CMS is developed using Asp.net 2.0, C# and SQL Server 2000/2005. It is open source, source code is available for download. I think its pretty light weight. No table layout. Everything is arranged using Div(s). User has the ability to enable/disable view...
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    Review: JMDCMS - Open Source CMS

    Please review http://www.jmdcms.com, Free C#, Asp.Net based open source content management system. Thanks!
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    Free Web Hosting With CMS

    Do you own a Top Level Domain (TLD) ? Do you need MAX 100 MB Web Space? Do you need MAX 10000 GB Band Width? Do you want a powerfull , search engine friendly content management system to add/edit/publish your contents online? Do you want a Custom Professional CSS Template developed...
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    FREE PHP-Nuke Hosting, NO ads, Instant Signup, Full support

    What is this junk, popunders and popups. BAD... Website
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    Traffic Statistics

    I do not even know many sites that rank 10/10 on google. This site does: http://www.statcounter.com/ And I loved their counter stats.
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    Real Web Hosting Pages

    One thing I am unable to understand, Not many web hosts visiting my website are submitting their website for reviewal? What is the reason? Its a Free backlink. its a Free service for webhosts to get more leads... 1. Are they afraid of the competetion the because the sites are getting compared...
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    Real Web Hosting Pages

    Well they are for right now, But I am planning to grow this list to 10,000 , regardless of relationship, Only genuine , honest, good webhost will find place in top position of my site and it will not be based on who provides the best commission, which you can see today on 90% of popular web...
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    Real Web Hosting Pages

    I am going to change the graphics and put some web hosting reviews and comparision related stuff... Other than that Can You please provide some facts behind your thoughts so that i can improve the site.
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    Design For Hosting

    I do not particularly like the menu and color combinations.
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    Traffic Statistics

    GOOGLE Analytics.... http://www.google.com/analytics Free and BEST, you cant find a better.....
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    Real Web Hosting Pages

    Thanks for your appreciation!!!! Sometimes I have noticed that main table does not draw completely, Is this just my computer or is this something I need to correct in my site?
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    Real Web Hosting Pages

    http://www.realwebhostingpages.com Please review my website for its usability and design I have noticed people do not use the comparision feature a lot, I wonder why? Is it not clear how to compare on my site or what?
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    Can somebody help me build my website?

    Welcome to world of dreams! How google started? Well 2 students at a university started this as a hobby project. Web data analytics as their hobby. Together they wrote the algorithm to gather data from the web. In the begining they were so excited that they offered their idea to YAHOO. But...
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    newbie help

    Yes, Welcome to crazy world of windows. Features Like hide known extensions is really frustrating for a newbie, and by default it is true. so if you create a file in notepad, not matter what name you save, it is going to have .txt extension by default, and you will not even see this because...
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    Why google analytics is powerful

    I love awstats for its ease and presentation of information in detail. I love google analytics because Its incredible. Its powerfull and insightfull. Its actually very usefull when it comes to tracking Adwords ROI. I just do not like wabalizer.
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    Control Panels

    HELM and Plesk both are very good in windows hosting world. But I think Plesk has an edge in features and control. HELM has an edge in cost.
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    Need host

    Compare and shop is the name of the game today. In this highly competitive world of web hosting. You can find a quality web host with in your budget.
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    OMG Overselling is ...

    1000 GB bandwidth and 100 GB diskspace is offered by 1&1. Although they are a reputed company and they have a strong customer base, but I think this offer is still one of the gimmicks of web hosting world. For example: They offer 50 Mysql Db @ 100 mb each. Aha! Why? What will I do with my 100...
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    Need a good web host with 300 MB

    :) Do your investigation, read reviews, You can get quality web hosting with fantastisco for $7.00 a month easily....