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  1. bariteau

    buying cpanel and whm clients.

    Why? Lets make a quick calculation: Client pays his current provider $X bucks / month for some service. He is planning to stay at least for another Y months with his current provider meaning that after Y months, the provider will have made X*Y. Now you are offering to pay X to the...
  2. bariteau

    Need to buy a domain (Urgent)

    godaddy is always running a promotion (look around on google for coupon codes). However, the renewal is usually at full price. The promotions in the domain business are almost always just for the first year (or when transferring registrar)
  3. bariteau

    USA Vs Canada

    Good job Canada!!!
  4. bariteau

    Have you ever been punched in the face?

    Got sucker punched... I was arguing with that little ----- and out of nowhere, right on the jaw... ended up with a fat lip...
  5. bariteau

    USA Vs Canada

    Hope Canada beats USA's ---...
  6. bariteau

    How to Detect SQL Injection Attacks

    Yep, you don't need to detect it, you need to prevent it. Google "prevent sql injection" or "protect sql injection" (and you can add the programming language in there too...)
  7. bariteau

    PHP? Learning and Use of...

    If you are going to learn PHP, might as well learn Objet Oriented PHP (same language, different way of programming)
  8. bariteau

    What Framework

    What framework do you guys use? I was thinking about using Zend for a project but I'm not even sure if I should use one or make my own MVC model...
  9. bariteau

    If you are a pirate, this is what you get...

    Slysoft's line of product is really good for that. If you are looking for DVD to DVD copy, use AnyDVD with CloneDVD
  10. bariteau

    If you are a pirate, this is what you get...

    Blu ray is getting better for this. It lets you skip the previews... but still won't let you skip the US copyright bull---- even if you're not in the US and you don't give a ---- about their laws
  11. bariteau

    Stupid protestors

    You're right but, in my case anyways, it doesn't make me more inclined to support their cause(s), it has the opposite effect...
  12. bariteau

    Stupid protestors

    How stupid can you be...
  13. bariteau

    MS Office Outlook 2007

  14. bariteau

    MS Office Outlook 2007

    It's currently in public BETA
  15. bariteau

    Email marketing software

    Couldn't you use the email list feature in cPanel? Or do not absolutely need a software?
  16. bariteau

    MS Office Outlook 2007

    Not to get your hopes down but I've looked and couldn't find the option in Outlook 2010 either...
  17. bariteau

    MS Office Outlook 2007

    Well, sorry to ask but why don't you read posts? Talking about Outlook 2007 not Outlook Express... two different applications... You can't, that's the whole point of plain text only emails. You cannot insert html into a plain text email because the client won't support it. Even if...
  18. bariteau

    Now you can get free labtop

    you don't get a laptop, not cool enough, can only get a labtop...
  19. bariteau

    up-sell rant

    - "Do you want a warranty with this" - "No thanks" - "the warranty is really worth it... blah blah blah" .. - "I ----ing know you piece of ----, you told me ----ing 20 times in the past 5 mins and the ----ing answer is still know, I do not want a warranty on that ----ing $2 stapler"
  20. bariteau

    Small MS Exchange server

    I don't know who provides that, however, I am currently with Sherweb for my outsourced exchange service and they are fantastic. Try contacting them with your requirements and see what they can offer. They charge $9 USD / month / user with 3GB per user.