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  1. Dark_Element

    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    Make It Longer!!!!
  2. Dark_Element

    Flash Editing

    to my knowlege what your asking for is too far off the edge. (thou it does seems small). just like i said in the other post Flash depromotes reverse compiling even if you are the creator and you have the unlock password..... to runk-O-funk: dude. this is kinda just one of those too bad...
  3. Dark_Element

    Flash Editing

    Is not 100% true. You may re-import the images contained in the .swf file if the file is not protected (if it is protected you just need a password) BUT the frame structures and the actionscripts are all gone (since flash by default depromotes reverse compiling).
  4. Dark_Element

    Session data, accessible from another domain?

    session data is designed to be safe and cant be requested. unless you can find a way to hijack the session with some kind of code (which i don't think is very reliable)... but you may be able to silently send it through socket_write/socket_send if your willing to run a socket server...
  5. Dark_Element


    my suggestion is to not even do that in the first place for the following reasons: -1. what Wojtec said -2. a HUGE load of traffic will be diverted the second they see that page -3. some people has javascript disabled so they can't get in at all -4. smart people just type in the next page in...
  6. Dark_Element

    FREE PHP/ASP Hosting! Great Bandwidth too!

    you think so clement? cos it seems a bit plain to me... suggestion: add a preloader to the flash. and work on your image compression
  7. Dark_Element

    feedback on my site

    i kinda don't get the purpose of posting the second link here... a support site is good and all if the information is good but when the user clicks on the link and go to it then saw a whole list of words with no images... chanceses are they are gona leave...... sorry if it sounded harsh and...
  8. Dark_Element

    Flash help?

    if you need a newer vr of flash you can proberbly crack a trial. (which is the same as buying except you dont pay... lol) since warez is banned im not going to give any addresses _HERE_
  9. Dark_Element

    invision hacks??

    this is a design board. not a hacking board
  10. Dark_Element

    Uneditable text area?

    try putting in "disabled" (at least i remembered <textarea disabled> works
  11. Dark_Element

    Flash help?

    I can help. If your line is only going in one direction you can draw a large fill block (in whatever the bg color is) and move the fill block to the direction that the line is moving by tweening it (this way it will look as if the line is been slowly drawn). If you want to add a pen then...
  12. Dark_Element

    New Blog with Loads of FREE Resources

    its illegal?... review: yea what guitarnerd said. before the its illegal part. PS: sorry but its just err... sux
  13. Dark_Element

    Review my layout for a local fabricator/artist

    Load speed = Very fast Background = appealing Layout = bit odd but quite good Navigation = excelent Logo = seems to be a bit dull compared to the rest of the stuff comments: i rather like the background you have behind the text and the transparencies of the boxes are also good. just that you...
  14. Dark_Element

    Cheap .com domain

    I need a .com domain (as you can see in the title). however my budget is not very good, so i am asking what is the most cheapest domain registeration out there? PS: I simply refuse to go for hours looking on the net for domain registeration services LOL
  15. Dark_Element

    Best Free FTP Client?

    i agree with santa. LOL... however i suggest you get a shareware one then crack it (eg: cute FTP) since warez are banned im not going to give any addresses LOL
  16. Dark_Element

    Free host required fast

    well he don't. He is paying me $20 USA to make and deploy his site.... so yea
  17. Dark_Element

    Free host required fast

    I don't like to waste anyone's time so i'll get straight to what i am looking for(this is for a friend who is hosting a Delta Force squad site) must haves: -25mb or more space -700MB or more transfer -PHP support -MySQL dbs (1 or 2 is enuough) -File cap larger than 700kb (if there is any) -No...
  18. Dark_Element

    table hyperlinks

    why on earth would you want that? ain't the whole purpose of having a table is to sepurate stuff?
  19. Dark_Element

    Best free HTML editor?

    I think... HAPEdit is quite good. especially if you may concider on moving on to PHP or ASP or Perl later on