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  1. NC_TOM

    Things are not bad but I would like to spend some time traveling and can't yet afford to go do...

    Things are not bad but I would like to spend some time traveling and can't yet afford to go do that... I no longer have a server of my own and my friend's reseller account is expiring which we shared so I'm back here trying to sift through the masses of Byethost cobrands and find some good...
  2. NC_TOM

    Hello Peo, just wanted to let you know that right now freewebspace.net is inaccessible due to a...

    Hello Peo, just wanted to let you know that right now freewebspace.net is inaccessible due to a Joomla crash! I hope you're able to resolve it smoothly... your old buddy NC_Tom
  3. NC_TOM

    Ptp The New Way To Make Money

    Who offers PTP ad revenue service and how does it work?
  4. NC_TOM

    Another USA School Shooting

    These are high school kids... they know what they're doing and they should have known long ago that killing is wrong... In a lot of other countries people their age are considered adults and dealt with accordingly
  5. NC_TOM

    Waring http://www.free-domaine.net/!

    I recommend Firefox... too bad there's malicious code on their ads... but what really needs to be done is everyone needs to update their shit and get Firefox or Opera installed and update their security... hopefully then spyware will be a thing of the past once nobody's affected by it.
  6. NC_TOM

    FREE domains

    Or just shell out the big bad 8 bucks it costs to buy one from godaddy gkg powerpipe or any of the other cheap registrars out there... if you are starting a site and you have no traffic, you won't make any money with ads but if you've already got a high traffic site, that's always an option to...
  7. NC_TOM

    Hey, I'm back

    LOL Epgs... I'm still the same busy person with some new plans/projects always waiting for me... just not into computers too much anymore. Back then I would have several sites starting at once and sometimes I'd finish something and sometimes I wouldn't... now it's the same with show trucks...
  8. NC_TOM

    Hey, I'm back

    To all the newbies, I posted here a lot from around late 1997 up to 2001 and ran a pretty cool free web host, NetCabins, but I lost money on it being ad-free and all, and got ripped off by my business partner, shut down shop, and left the scene up until now. I just wondered what was going on...
  9. NC_TOM

    Hey, I'm back

    Yeah, I came back like 2 or 3 months ago and was hoping to get back into the swing of things on here but just didn't have enough free time to post. I'm living a busy life, building show trucks and going to college full time. quote: So if you left because of a social life, does coming back...
  10. NC_TOM

    Hey, I'm back

    Does anyone remember me or remember NetCabins from a few years ago? I'm amazed at how many people are still posting here from years ago. I stopped posting here when I got out of hosting and got more of a social life offline but coming back here now, I see it's still a cool place to post even...
  11. NC_TOM

    We welcome Robert as a new moderator

    I REMEMBER THE FWS STORIES. Congrats Robert on becoming a mod!
  12. NC_TOM

    about money making programs

    The site says payment structure was updated in September '04... but I don't see $7.50 anywhere, it starts at $3 and graduates up to $6...
  13. NC_TOM

    2 Free Hosting Reviews

    True, user placeable banners are a more flexible option for the user. The drawback to this is, it's harder for the webhost to know for sure that all members are placing the ads, and also that all ads actually are above the fold. Web hosts must either get a special system set up to monitor...
  14. NC_TOM


    Sorry to have to tell you this, but knowing John, he's probably selling all members' email addresses to spammers right now.
  15. NC_TOM

    Datablocks.net is BACK!

    Originally posted 2 weeks ago Hey everyone, it's been awhile. John, where's my money, you crook? You KNOW I can ruin your reputation, John. You'd be best off to send me the money you stole from me right away. Ok guys.... last time I talked to him, last year I believe, I showed him our...
  16. NC_TOM

    Free webhosting History

    Before Geocities there was also LoneStar (now known as FreeShell) at http://sdf.lonestar.org I am not sure if they were around before TrailerPark.com or not.
  17. NC_TOM

    The so called "theft safety" features of the Chevy Lumina!

    I wasn't aware of that with Luminas. The same is true with newer Hondas though. If you want real safety, get bullet proof windows and shave your door handles. Get a remote entry door popper system and never lose your door popper remote. No door handles and no locks make it a lot harder to...
  18. NC_TOM

    Here's why your hotmail is spammed:

    Those guys look like they're just waiting to get hunted down and asassinated. If I were them, I'd be scared out of my wits to have my name published in an article as a spammer. And I'm not sure how they make that much money from it.. I'm going to switch away from my Hotmail account that I've...
  19. NC_TOM

    what is "hits"?

    Ningaming, Kryton, Czar, and Archbob are right. The rest of the people here who said other things about hits: you are doing nothing more than spreading the misinformation/incorrect terminology that caused all this confusion in the first place. 98125: Same problem at my school. These people...
  20. NC_TOM

    FREEStores.Biz: Any info?

    I got a spam mail today from an affiliate of FREEStores.Biz. It was NOT actually from the webmaster of the site. Just from one of their affiliates who is spamming the affiliate URL. They look decent and they claim to pay $3 per sale on your own co-branded "free stuff" site where your visitors...