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  1. Dynash


  2. Dynash

    Who remembers the old days?

    Hello. I remember you, I can't remember the last time I visited this place!
  3. Dynash


    I just randomly saw this website in my Dashlane account and thought I haven't been here in at least a year. Hello :)
  4. Dynash

    Windows 10 nightmare

    I updated from 8.1 Pro and got 10 Pro. I didn't like it though, so went back to 8.1. I just don't like how it looks in general, the icons etc.
  5. Dynash

    My new MacBook Air

    I got my MBP on finance (Mid 2012 model, 2 years ago), my final payment this month!
  6. Dynash

    Looking for Partner

    Welcome back, Are you still looking for someone to help? I can help with support mainly when needed. I take it the host is 7pz.com?
  7. Dynash

    Batter Operating System...?

    I believe he's talking phones, in that case it would be Android. Windows Phone is nice but it's a shame there isn't the push behind it. Desktop I'd go with Windows though.
  8. Dynash

    need free jewish hosting provider

    Unlimited offers aren't allowed here, so you won't find that here. Ask for something reasonable and you'll get offers. Unlimited doesn't exist. I don't understand why the web host has to be Jewish (and how a web host will qualify to be Jewish), why in particular? If you're following the law and...
  9. Dynash


    When new posts happen in these threads, they're like a beacon call for old members over the net lol
  10. Dynash

    Web host with latest php version

    Why not upload your remixes to something like SoundCloud or 8tracks? Save yourself bandwidth and get more exposure of them.
  11. Dynash

    what's your job and what company do you work for

    System Admin in a primary school, I manage literally everything IT related.
  12. Dynash

    Free HD Video Software

    Doesn't exist because it's impossible. You can only compress a video's quality - 4K > 2K > 1080p > 720p > 480p > 320p > 240p etc - not convert/'upgrade' it because the information of the extra pixels needed is missing from say 480p > 720p. The only thing you can do is increase the videos...
  13. Dynash

    Is there need for VPS .

    Don't you think you should rebrand to a different name if you're getting popular? It's very similar...
  14. Dynash

    Today is my 10th Anniversary on the Site!

    Maybe, I can see "I disapprove".
  15. Dynash

    Sites that work

    I've made £30 through AdSense in about 2 years... which is cool considering my site is personal and not advertised much, and it's targeted to specific people.
  16. Dynash

    Today is my 10th Anniversary on the Site!

    What are you hosting that you want that much bandwidth and space? Your budget wouldn't stretch far for your requirements with a reliable host. There's a reason they're expensive, because it is. If your website is that big, you might want to off-set some of the content. I use hosting like Mega...
  17. Dynash

    Latest domain you bought and why?

    My personal site one, javakrypt.com. I want to change it when it expires next May. I've had it since 2008.
  18. Dynash

    Error On Login

    It's still happening for me. It stopped for a few days, but its starting to do it again. Have to click another link before I'm actually shown as being logged in.
  19. Dynash

    Video Editing Software

    Since you asked for free to do simple things, Movie Maker for Windows and iMovie for MacOS.
  20. Dynash

    What phone service provider do you use? Do you like them?

    I've been with them a few months under 3 years, I honestly wouldn't think of switching to another mobile operator, there's so much to like about them. I got most of my family and friends to switch! Talking of Three always reminds me of Alan Carr's jokes on Tooth Fairy haha