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  1. Satelk

    Who do you think is going to win the stanley cup?

    This thread is 9 months old!!! You didn't need to reply to it, you could have talked about this in another thread... But since we're here: I admit I was wrong, I didn't think the canadians would make it into the playoffs.
  2. Satelk

    HTML GRabber - Needed

    Here's a grabber script in php: http://4cm.com/scripts/listing.php?Category_ID=2
  3. Satelk

    How long did you first start your current website?

    5 months ago with 2 domain, 2 name and 4 server changes since then. Even though we had some problems at the beginning, now it's going pretty good.
  4. Satelk

    Take that Boston (and DCI)

    and montréal rocks! :D Actually, Koivu made the first goal, the refs thought Audette touched the puck so they gave the goal to him.
  5. Satelk

    wbb2 wont be free

    Thx :o I don't make hacks for phpbb because I never really liked phpbb, and that includes version 2.
  6. Satelk

    wbb2 wont be free

    I don't really like XMB(what it's based on)... They say they are re-writing it, so maybe it will be better and I might have an interest in it.
  7. Satelk

    wbb2 wont be free

    Yeah, I've been meaning to talk to him about that.
  8. Satelk

    wbb2 wont be free

    I can't afford it either... I suggest you keep using version 1.1.1 and you can just hack it to add new features.
  9. Satelk

    wbb2 wont be free

    Maybe some functions are the same, but in overall, the code isn't the same. Jelsoft themself say it isn't a rip off.
  10. Satelk

    wbb2 wont be free

    Not true, you should look at the code before you accuse it of being a rip off, the code isn't the same.
  11. Satelk

    FTP for free

    It's against the rules to post about warez.
  12. Satelk

    what is the best free board?

    WBB is the best in my opinion: http://www.woltlab.de
  13. Satelk

    Forum, moral delima....

    Go with Burning Board! It's the best way to go! :D
  14. Satelk

    Ozefrog's Site

    Is it because it happened before?... :mad:
  15. Satelk

    wBB hacks?

    so you're strandham... I'll see what I can do about those hacks. If you want another way to disable the ability to have a custom hack, you can create a new user group and disable 'Can upload private avatars?'
  16. Satelk

    Ozefrog's Site

    Yeah, Alex is a liar, I was a support guy too, but I got over it! :D
  17. Satelk

    DonHost reseller's customers

    Yes, they just deleted our site like that. They don't even reply to our emails.
  18. Satelk

    DonHost reseller's customers

    Yeah, our site(it's mine and LAH's) is about 'hacks'(mods) for burning board and they deleted it, they didn't even let us get a backup of the database or files. In case anybody's interested, the site is back up (elsewhere): http://wbbhacks.com
  19. Satelk

    cphosting.com ?

    I don't go to your forums/site often, so I didn't see it. I still think it would have been good to send a newsletter or something. It looks like you're doing a good job, keep up the good work. Yours truly, Satelk
  20. Satelk

    cphosting.com ?

    Hi, Why didn't HostEXP or you contact us(the current members) to let us know about the change of ownership? I really would have like to be informed. Also, HostEXP said we were going to get a compensation after the move, is this still going to happen? Yours truly, Satelk