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    Free hosting request: Space: 500MB

    You can also try the free hosting offers section here, where free hosts have already posted.
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    Free Image Hosting - use it for anything!

    For over a year now, we have provided top-quality free image hosting. Here's why you should consider our service: Generous file-size and file-type allocations No ads of any kind - ever Hotlinking allowed Use it to host any kind of images ;) (of course, they must be legal!) Galleries...
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    Free Image Hosting Webspace

    Now you can host all of your images for free with GR.IN.nf. Use our service and choose public or private hosting for your whole image portfolio. Upload files up to 25 MB in size. Generous Terms of Service, file types, and public upload options are offered. You can even add our uploader to your...
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    Anybody can give me a list of forum sites ?

    I just came back and I'm noticing that! What other board did you move to?
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    hosting free hidden fees

    To what kinds of hidden fees are you referring? A true free host is free and would not have any hidden charges. Are you referring to upgrades?
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    Received a Skype offer from "Mega Boss" sounds too good to be true.

    If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Just keep that in mind.
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    Easy. Paid hosting clients pay money - the host can use these funds to hire support personnel. Free hosting users pay nothing - therefore, resources that can be devoted to them are very limited.
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    What would you prefer paid or free hosting?

    blowee, the answer to your question depends on your needs. Free hosting might be fine for a family Website or a Web hobbyist. It is not sufficient for an e-commerce site. Paid hosting also typically offers features that are not found on free hosting. So it all depends on exactly what you need...
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    Need help on ad network...

    How has ReachJunction worked out for you? What kind of CPM are you getting? Have they paid you yet? Trust is the most important factor to consider in a business relationship like this.
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    Do you know about Cpanel 11 free reseller provider site.

    Byethost offers such a product (currently in beta; no, not myownfreehost.net), but why do you want a free reseller package? It will always cost you something! Usually the limits are set very, very low because the host has to pay for cPanel licenses in addition to the usual physical server...
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    Which service provides best free web hosting?

    Hoster1, this is an awfully general question! Of course, there are general attributes (such as uptime and support) which automatically mean some free hosts are not worth your time. However, distinguishing between those that offer acceptable uptime and support really depends upon your specific...
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    Web Host With Access to Database

    You should post this in the Free Hosting Requests section! I am sure you will get a better response there!
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    How can I make money from my free hosting site?

    It depends on which direction you'd like to take it; competitive pressure plays a big role. There are several potential revenue models, however: 1. Ads on user pages - this is the most common monetization model for free hosting and it is rather uncompetitive. Not really a great way to go...
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    What are the best free web hosting sites?

    Well it wasn't me. But I got -rep, too - I'm assuming from you? Not cool, dude.
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    Just wondering...

    I'm actually having very good luck with AdWords again. Many of the most competitive free hosting terms are back down to reasonable bids, at least for the moment!
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    Tricks to Getting Google Adwords Voucher 2011

    Decker is right - Google is very generous with them. I find them in magazines, in the mail, etc. The only downside is you have to setup a new AdWords account each time, but that's only a minor annoyance when you consider that you're getting hundreds of dollars' worth of free advertising!
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    What are the best free web hosting sites?

    You've used all of them?
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    Helping out in Japan

    Just thought I'd let everyone know about an opportunity to help the people of Japan. It's an organization run by one of my friends, at www.socksforjapan.com. Remember, everyone over there still needs help!
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    This is why selling on eBay pisses me off...

    Yeah, my last eBay experience was in January of this year, and it was a nightmare - sold about 100 items, and gave it up after that because it annoys the ---- outta me. The most ghetto-fabulous place on the interwebz, imo. Folks don't pay, don't give correct shipping addresses, don't...
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    freezoka is back

    Many folks may remember freezoka from 2007-2009. This service quickly became one of the largest free hosts in the world, by focusing on quality customer service and a stable platform with oodles of features. When I originally sold freezoka in late 2008, the company was taken over by a...