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  1. themoose

    Looking for high vCPU

    Hey all, Long time no see. I'm hoping to get some quotes for some CPU power. The easier to ramp up, the better. The more bandwidth availability, the better. It'll be for livestreaming legal content, so if you have experience serving at scale with ffmpeg/gstreamer, that will be respected. ~tm
  2. themoose


    Sup, Recoil here. Thanks for all those conversations guys and gals.
  3. themoose

    So i failed my english test...

    Whoever's requiring you to be fluent in English, call them up and talk to them in English.
  4. themoose

    Safe to say this is a bad call, right?

    what'sup dude if you cared about this girl you owe it to her a couple of weeks. Hopefully she's physiologically sound enough to deal with a few of lifes problems at once but if you can give it a bit of a gap then you should.
  5. themoose

    10,000 posts

    Checking in!
  6. themoose

    How to survive a swedish winter

    Absolutely incredible... an inspiration!
  7. themoose

    I guess there were more in the touristy bit where I was (old French Quarter IIRC)
  8. themoose

    I went around a large part of south east asia, and Vietnam was my favourite (I stayed there for a month - visa limit.) You've summed it up pretty well in your last sentence, I don't think I met a single person who wouldn't great you with a wide smile and with eagerness to help or be your friend...
  9. themoose

    An Epic Win Name!

    Now you mention it, we do seem to count numbers with letters as numbers.. number plates, NI (SS) number, etc etc.
  10. themoose

    I went to Vietnam last year! Do you know where you're going? They do block some sites, but likely not the ones you're after. Except for facebook. But that's a stupidly easy fix, all you need to do is put https:// haha
  11. themoose

    Microsoft Kills CZ.CC & Dotfree For Spamming

    It wasn't just that they were free, it's that they were incredibly easy to register - they even had an API which you could through thousands of reg requests at. So the high, high majority of the domains were spam.
  12. themoose

    Which Cartoon you loved the most when you were kid?

    Loved the simpsons, that was probably my favourite. Then there was Ren & Stimpy, Hey! Arnold, Fairly Odd Grandparents, Looney Tunes, and some others
  13. themoose

    Steve Jobs passes Away

    I thought that an apple a day kept the doctor away..
  14. themoose

    slang for 'police are around here'

    'Can you smell bacon?'
  15. themoose

    Spice, opinions?

    Bake eatables?
  16. themoose

    What is the meaning of life?

    I love how the topic of this thread switched from the meaning of life to methamphetamine production.
  17. themoose

    Colour Schemes - any useful tools?

    Kuler is fantastic, but takes a while to load. If you want something really quick, http://colorschemedesigner.com/ is good too.
  18. themoose

    Whats better practice: <br /> or <p class="marginontop">?

    If you're in the middle of a paragraph and need to use a linebreak, you'd be silly to use anything other than <br />. That's exactly what it's for. Don't, however, use it like such <p>Blah blah blah<p> <br /><br /> <p>Blah blah blah<p> <br /><br /> <p>Blah blah blah<p> <br /><br />...
  19. themoose

    Hello Everyone

    My money's on Bahamas.
  20. themoose

    500 Petabyte Server!

    Pft, you'd probably get a discount for bulk ordering, probably more like $175,968,000