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    Here Comes Cupid! 2X Storage and Bandwidth or 50% off Shared + Reseller Hosting!

    Tornado // Gaming is back with a bang! And guess who's here? CUPID! He is giving all FWS users 2x Storage and Bandwidth on their new web hosting orders (Shared Hosting or Reseller Hosting) through TG! If you aren't a fan of Cupid, its ok! You can get 50% off of your first month's hosting...
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    Crissic VPS down?

    Yea but at least in my book he is now going to be associated with those companies in terms of customer service
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    Crissic VPS down?

    Skylar... what the heck where you up to? You scr3wed so many people over it isn't even funny. I had to move beforehand to another provider. Your silly antics cost alot of people their businesses... and it seems that you have no emotion over the fact that for the last few weeks you cost...
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    Crissic VPS down?

    Way to go Cameron. You put alot of effort into this LOL! I've had alot of bad luck personally, ever since you went down... I then moved to Crissic... and now look what happens... Luckily I was ahead of the curve and made sufficient backups and switched before this mess hit I'm gonna see...
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    Oh... last week we weren't effected. It was only Northern, MA and New Hampshire... we are West...

    Oh... last week we weren't effected. It was only Northern, MA and New Hampshire... we are West of Boston... Nothing major happened... a few icy roads and accidents but no power was lost.
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    The original free unlimited webhost is back

    That's crazy. Their days are numbered. Especially if PHP Safe mode is off. LOL
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    So uh.....

    Well, I am hoping for a white christmas. Here in MA we are susspose to get 1 foot of snow.
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    Your business mobile phone...

    I use the AT&T Vu... its a pretty solid phone. But if you are looking for a touchscreen I would go with an iPhone... the other phone companie's knock offs of it are a bit over par.
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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    wow this thread is long..
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    We have nothing yet... but my high school decided to cancel today anyway... we are right in the...

    We have nothing yet... but my high school decided to cancel today anyway... we are right in the Hot Spot of the storm, so when we get hit I wouldn't be surprised if Millis has the record. Our county always has the most snow lol. Have you gotten anything yet?
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    Crissic VPS down?

    He really doesn't care about clients... no notice or anything... Hmm thats weird that Adam's and Eclouds storys conflict
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    Crissic VPS down?

    I would recommend moving as well. I moved... funny thing is I still get invoice messages in the mail for my 2 VPS's even though I cancelled them both... Skylar's mom must have grounded him or something.
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    Crissic VPS down?

    I had a few VPS's with them but I cancelled them due to the fact that he is nowhere to be found...
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    Hm.... Quite odd...

    invasi is the only website on there
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    AlphaRed files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

    Wow thats scary. At this time last year I was their client.
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    Gameserver Reseller

    Well, judging by how in his post it is bolded "Gameserver Reseller", it is abundantly clear that he wants to resell dedicated servers. Some people don't know all the facts before they post. On a serious note, I'd recommend Magnirack too. Tracker is great and I would recommend asking him.
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    Clientexec | Automatation System | Account Creation

    Thanks. I am going to be switching over to CE soon. Yea - staff have permissions to view passwords and other info regarding the client. I also think WHMcs's support system is much better.
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    Tornado Gaming // WHMSonic CPanel Resellers starting at $14.99/mo!

    Hey you! Tornado // Gaming is offering WHMSonic CPanel Resellers! Ever wanted to run your own hosting company and sell shoutcast on the side? Now is your chance with our exclusive WHMSonic Shoutcast Cpanel Resellers. Not only do you have a standard shared hosting reseller, but you will also...
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    Best video network?

    Youtube, metacafe, and mevio is good
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    A good shoutcast host?

    We host shoutcast :)