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    Will do for FREE..FREE...FREE...

    'sup da one? im guessing you don't have a portfolio, hehe. i'm j/k. da one is a really nice guy and a fun guy to work with...so even if his webdesign skills aren't THAT great (lol, j/k man), i would really recommend him mostly since he's doing it for free.
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    Signature needed

    I liked the second one. Do you have AIM/MSN/ICQ/Yahoo!? PM me. I am kinda wondering what the green would look like as red instead?
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    Signature needed

    I need someone to make a sig for me based on the theme at http://www.ss6.net for $14 (trying to even out my paypal account, hehe) to be paid via paypal. You can steal some of the images from that site (since it is mine, lol), but I would like the sig to be semi-original while still holding the...
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    Need a splash page

    hey, can you guys email me? cuz i don't check this board often anymore (i used to be on here everyday...a long time ago, hehe). thanks ;)
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    Recommendations between Valcato / SolidInternet / Nexfer?

    i bought a package from valcato, and they're not too bad.
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    Need a splash page

    hey, email me at administrator@magnoliakarate.com would ya? thanx
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    Full Featured Remotely Hosted WWWBoard?

    Boardnation...they set it up for you and host it on their own space. oh yeah, that would be www.boardnation.com
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    Need a splash page

    I need a webdesigner to design a splash page for me. I don't need any of the other pages....only the opening splash page. I don't have that high of a budget, but then again, I only need 1 page designed.
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    [Thread closed] 300MB, mySQL, SSI, ASP, CGI - all for free.

    nice service you're offering their man... just wondering how you're gonna keep ure server running though...cuz u gotta make a profit or ure hella rich.
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    120% pricematch?

    No, but Jeff, the owner of the host (I'm guessing he's a reseller...) bought a traffic package from me off of eBay. So, if anyone ever buys a package from him, I would appreciate him I sent you :) Hmm...I might buy a package from him if he's reliable (I know that he answers emails very...
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    RPG Warehouse for Sale

    more info please... price would be nice too
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    120% pricematch?

    So they'll even beat valcato's $10 per year prices??? HECK YEAH!!! hmm...
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    120% pricematch?

    Does that mean that if I tell them about the valcato.net prices, then they'll beat dat by 120%??? http://www.thehostingworks.com
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    Chemistry people....come here

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    Chemistry people....come here

    Help??? I can't find this answer ANYWHERE!!! Why does the specific amount of 12 g of 12C (carbon-12) selected as the basis for defining 1 mole? (Why not 13g, for example? Did some law of nature require this exact mass? Or was it picked for convenience? if so, why is 12 g convenient?)
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    How are these hosts?

    The first few ones on this list? I've never heard of them before... http://www.free-webhosts.com/webhosting-01.php
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    Looking for flash designer

    What experience in scripting do you have? (Other than HTML) Because the webdesign business is extremely competitive...
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    Jobs Available

    I am interested in any of the three positions...PM me. But my one question is...what do we get in return if anything at all?
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    Design Needs Cleaning.

    I'll help...if you will let your site have some pop-unders with my site. But then again, you might not like that offer so...