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  1. Subhash

    50GB with WHM

    Oh sorry, I made mistake to understand because of no line separation between the plans posted above.
  2. Subhash

    A online Graph plotting program

    This is a online graph plotting program which can plot any number of X,Y coordinates or any function of X. It has many inbuilt mathematical and logical functions which can be used to plot functions. The list of functions and help on other features can be found in the detailed help provided with...
  3. Subhash

    70GB Free Bandwidth, 7GB Free Space, No Ads and No Posts Required

    It means that you should reply to newsletters to confirm that you have read the news/ announcement. Since, it is necessary for members to follow those announcements in case of any important notifications.
  4. Subhash

    NO Posting! Quick Activation Free cPanel Hosting! Fast Reliable Server! NO ADS!

    Why do you need to upload 10 skins? is it some kind of skin gallery site? Hope not. In fact, 30 mb is quite enough for simple genuine sites, even for blogs, they are providing you option to get more space when you become active in their forum. Actually, people need to know how to properly...
  5. Subhash

    70GB bandwidth 7GB space No ads No post required

    I believe there are two category of people seeking for hosting: First, who are serious about hosting their own site and want a reliable host for their site. Second, who hosts their sites just like playing and don't care to have a reliable host. Waterseven, only cares for the first category...
  6. Subhash

    Water Seven Web Hosting Policy

    @Efil - You know me in your community, there my uername is F4E. @Adz - I can tell the domain name and you can see the current speed and uptime too, but it won't prove the previous speed and uptime of the server. Here i am attaching the screenshot of uptime stat by Siteuptime.com; look...
  7. Subhash

    Water Seven Web Hosting Policy

    This WebHosting is brilliant. I am with them for about last 1 year, and I experienced the best hosting here. They have so good uptime and support, that sometimes I forget they are free hosts. If someone is really serious about hosting and want a reliable host, then this will be your good choice.
  8. Subhash

    Happy New Year FWS!

    It's now 12.30 in India. Wish Happy New Year to all the members of FWS.
  9. Subhash

    Free Hosting - New Year Offer !!!

    Domain is not free, Right?
  10. Subhash

    RaversWorld.Com | The Host Everyone's Raving About!

    Your site shows a Suspened Page. BTW. Are you the same RaversWorld which was there some 6 months back and then closed after few months?
  11. Subhash

    FREE HOSTING, 30GB Webspace, 100GB Bandwidth INSTANT ACTIVATION, 100% UPTIME

    No. it's woking friends. Do each step carefully, actually the process is bit complex to understand, it took lot time for also. Anyway the problem what I face is I haven't got the nameservers in the whole process even in emails. Please provide the name servers.
  12. Subhash

    DDoS Attack

    It nice to see that FWS is back again. Hope this will never happen again.
  13. Subhash

    Free 40gb Bandwidth 4gb Space - XC Media

    Which control panel it is? cPanel
  14. Subhash

    FREE Webhosting - 5GB Webspace || 10GB Bandwidth || cPanel || No ads + FREE DOMAIN

    I have two questions.. 1) Will the registered domain will be completely under my control? i.e I can change NS setting and can have the direct access to the domain account. 2)How will you consider first 20 members? I mean from which date you will start counting, from today or from the start of...
  15. Subhash

    Free 1GB space and 20GB bandwidth NO ads!

    No they are not resellers of zoomcities. I have a account with them. They are in hosting for some months. Their uptime is quite good. They need need no ads or posting but they need a bottom link.
  16. Subhash

    .:: ArabhoZteR ::. - up to 1 GB Cpanel 11 reliable hosting , instant activation

    Are these ad supported or any other requitements for each plan?
  17. Subhash

    What happend with ahplace.com?

    Hope they last long.
  18. Subhash

    What happend with ahplace.com?

    The story is turning like before. It is now quite a long time Ahplace is down.
  19. Subhash

    Free Fasters Only 5 Account Limited Hosting

    your domain :www.sbhbose.creatious.com your site description : Software and prgramming discussion site your email :snde1980@gmail.com your site language :english