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    Allfeeds welcomes you!

    What is the alternative then?
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    Looking to set up forum site--need help

    Hi.. Cococomics, phpBB forum is free GNU licenced forum. You can do anything with it. You can modify everything, expect their copyright message at the bottom. There are two ways to change the Logo. 1) Change your logo name to logo_phpBB.gif and upload to the folder...
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    Need Free Web Host for a Students counselling site

    I am always ready to help fellow Indians, especially students. Give me a PM. BTW, is http://www.shivprasad.com yours?
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    Anyone good like Google

    I heard Google is very good in paying International customers, and paying in time. So I consider them as a trusted one, not like many cheating advertising companies. Is there any goodone like Google who are reliable in payment to International Customers? Suggest me guys.
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    solidinternet or ultrix hosting?

    It's ok Robert. I didn't mind loosing $59.95 for learning a lession. Data is the most important thing, that I didn't loose anything there. fireworkz, I would strongly recommend going for Myacen, instead of Solidinternet.com, if your data is important.
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    solidinternet or ultrix hosting?

    I went back and checked my record, yeah it was not $56, it was $59.95, the Package name: SI-500, Invoice# 5117, dated: 2003/08/12, TransactionID 45993330 (my account id: p4perfec) I have NOT used this account for a single day or single account, due to SI support mess up. Robert, you must...
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    solidinternet or ultrix hosting?

    Buddy, I won't recommend SolidInternet, though I am very happy with their parent company for last 2 years. I had a verrrrrrry bad experience with SolidInternet and wasted a 56$ account. Their support sucks. The lesson I learned "When you go for low cost webhosting, you have to sacrifice...
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    Give me some idea about dedicated servers

    Guys, thanks for your replies. Even my current Reseller account is more for me. I have 30 GB bandwidth but I spend only 20. I have 3000 MB space but I use very less. Still the reason for planning Dedicated Server, is just a matter of learning things. But it seems you all suggest the...
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    Give me some idea about dedicated servers

    Hi.. I am a reseller now, I would like to put my hand in Dedicated Servers. My Server & Linux knowledge is limited. I have lot of queries in my mind. Due to that I should go for a fully managed server. My budget is very less (not more than 50$ to 60$/month). Any minimum configuration is...
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    a mySql / phpMyadmin question

    1) I want a duplicate copy of one mysql database with a new name, because I dont want to play around with the original database and screw it. Plz tell me how to do it in Cpanel, phpMyAdmin or Shell. 2) Will backing up the database and renaming the current one, and restoring the backup will...
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    Still Header without Frame

    Most of them talk about PHP include() function. I am already using include() & readfile() functions to include header & navigation menu, but my purpose is not solved. when you refresh or load new page, the whole page loads/refreshes, but I don't want to do it. I want my tope and left menu to...
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    Still Header without Frame

    I have noticed some websites have Headers or Left Menu, that stay still when the Other parts of the page content is changing. I am sure they are not using the simple HTML Frame tag. Somebody said it's possible by SSI. Can someone clarify how can we do it in PHP, or with any other...
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    Online project site needed

    Thanks for your reply. Actually I wanted to have an idea, how much it will cost. I am hardcoding some meetings/lectures data every day. That I want to put it in a Forum and save it in a MySql Database, and display future meetings in one page, if the date of the meeting is already over...
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    Online project site needed

    Hi... Last year I visited a website where people post their Script/Application/Graphic requirements and expert software guys take it as a project and make some extra money. Now I really need to finish a small work in PHP/MySQL, I want to post it in such website, Can someone show me good...
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    Forum name forgotten?

    Looks like people here have less memory than me. At last i found it, it's FUD.
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    Forum name forgotten?

    Hi.. I was testing a free forum script last year, then deleted it. Now I need that script but I forgot it's name. It's a php script. The specialty of that forum is: it stores the forum messages in the web like bulletin board, and sends same message by email like Mailing list (similar to...
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    What should I know to run a Dedicated Server?

    Sitting at the other end of the World, what tech/sw knowledges should I have to run a dedicated server in US (or other places)?
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    phpBB plus - Someone Help me

    Hi.. I have been using phpbb plus 1.0 for long time. Now they have 1.3, but it is not possible to upgrade until I do the previous 2 upgrades. I managed to get 1.2 download thru one of my friend. If anyone have download of phpbb plus version 1.1 please send it to me. I badly need them...
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    Which is Best Email Client Software?

    Hi.. Is IncrediMail & Eudora are Good email clents? I have been using MS Outlood 2K for long time. But now I am fedup with it's 2GB Limitation. Because of this I have lost lot of my important emails (in the process of truncating and recovering). I want to switch to a email client...
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    Autoupdate script

    I have one in my website to display cute babes everyday. Yes, it is in php. But you have to rename the image files as 1 to 31 for the purpose of dates, then the code is as below (ignore the unwanted html tags): All the best.