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  1. Serverextreme

    New Web Hosting Offers

    Serverextreme Hosting would like to offer affordable webhosting at a very good price. We offer a number of hosting plans that are fully loaded, we provide cpanel hosting with all the addons our tech support is just as important as the hosting it self we take pride in what we do and are here...
  2. Serverextreme

    Looking for a new server

    We don't rent servers but I can suggest Wisehosting http://www.wisehosting.co.uk/ This company has been number one as far as I am concern. ask for Brian he will get you all setup....
  3. Serverextreme

    Account fully loaded ($25.00 Yearly

    Hello everyone, Serverextreme Hosting would like to Inform everyone we have our 25-megabite and 50- megabite hosting plans ounce again.We have gotten a large demand for these hosting packages so we have decided to bring them back. If you get signup now you will get 2-months FREE with anyone of...
  4. Serverextreme

    Review My Sites

    I would have to say not good and the reasons are so. Text is very hard to read and the design color is also to light. If you really want to design a site you should take more time and wait until you feel it look good. Don't just publish anything. People have to be able to read what your offering.
  5. Serverextreme


    I have heard nothing but bad things about storm pay...If I were you I would stick with paypal....
  6. Serverextreme

    I need dedicated server

    Here you go http://www.wisehosting.co.uk/hosting/ I can say you will find dedicated Servers, VP. and more. You can feel safe and there servers never go off line with Wisehosting.... I use them and give them a 10 on service and support.
  7. Serverextreme

    Transfer files from Netfirms

    Netfirms have FTP access? If so use a ftp process to move all those files to the new server.
  8. Serverextreme

    firefox any good?

    I would have agree with you guys the new Firefox has a spell checker also so this will help with any typo's I have been using it for sometime now and love it...
  9. Serverextreme

    MB into GB

    I think this will help you understand how to brake the Megabite down.. http://www.worldstart.com/tips/tips.php/47
  10. Serverextreme

    Saddam Hussein sentenced to hang

    It's not violence this guys is getting just what he has done to hundreds. I would not waste good money to keep him jailed.....This message will be heard by many..
  11. Serverextreme

    Need host under $3/Mo

    Hello Serverextreme Hosting, Has been in business sence 2003 we offer affordable hosting and do not over sell. You get just what you payed fore we can offer you 100- MB 5-GB transfer Fantasico cpanel And all the other extra's that come along with webhosting. Also msn-2 friendly What this...
  12. Serverextreme

    What do you think

    Are you saying there VP accounts are a bit much? I have been shoping around and theres seem most affordable is there another VP better then this one .. Thank you
  13. Serverextreme

    What do you think

    Just wanted to know if any of you guys and ladies ever use this hosting service before.. http://hostforweb.com/reseller.html Please let me know if you think there are worth a try. Thank you
  14. Serverextreme

    Free resseler

    There is no such thing.
  15. Serverextreme

    the free hosting always down in months

    Free hosting is not very good most of the time they give you the service as they want to. it's free the way they look at it your paying for anything.
  16. Serverextreme

    all new mastool

    Lets just say there is nothing Intresting on that site. Don't mean to be harsh
  17. Serverextreme

    This is ridiculous

    What people have to keep in mind is these hosting services are OVER SELLING, you will get just what you payed for when you get a cheap hosting service...
  18. Serverextreme

    What can i get for 1USD a month?

    It's not worth hosting for such a low cost what are you gaining?
  19. Serverextreme

    Affordable Reselling

    Hello my friend we have been around for over three 3-years now and we continue to grow each and every day....We started out as a webtv host and expanded into cpanel. If there is anything I can help you with please let me know..
  20. Serverextreme

    Affordable Reselling

    Serverextreme Hosting, Would like to offer some very good reselling accounts our prices are affordable and we stand behind our clients. If you have ever wanted to be your own host nows the time to do it. Try our service out and if your not completely happy we will refund your money back no...