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  1. KBC

    Why Heatsinks Exist

    Ah... I've seen those videos... pretty extreme overvolting there. Did I just see a heatsink take off? :knockedou I'd never do that to my Athlon X2 4400+. :-)
  2. KBC

    How did you find FWS?

    Oh so we're all kiddies on this forum? :-) Found this forum when I was looking for a host with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited space and no advertising... :-) I'm getting over 20 now... and it's been a long time since I last posted here.
  3. KBC

    So I finally joined the 21st century

    Look wise, I'm liking the look of the new Nokia phones, like the N92. :-) Nokia has easy functionality unlike certain others but I must admit, my Ericsson is very easy to use, though the battery drains quite quickly...
  4. KBC

    So I finally joined the 21st century

    Good upgrade, seeing from that picture you've got there, it's about time to offload that thing into a skip or something. :-) Nice new phone you got there, looks small and light - though must be a pain when trying to dial number on the tiny digit pad. What's the battery like on that phone...
  5. KBC

    Review my website: The Watch Exchange

    The design is very simple and clean. If what you're trying to achieve is a plain simple look, then you've done a nice job of it. :) Otherwise, it's not a particularly eye-catching design, perhaps adding few more colours to the design may brighten it up a bit. But that's my opinion. Otherwise...
  6. KBC

    Comments needed Please my site ProxifyMe :)

    Pretty cool... though once the ad space is filled on your website, it may seem a little cluttered? You already have a good amount of advertising on the website. Though the banner is pretty impressive and quite eye-catching, the colours also work pretty well. It's a nice design. But I'd...
  7. KBC

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year. Good luck all for 2006. :D
  8. KBC

    Like the Geio-Zone??

    Not a bad site for someone of your age. If you do continue building web pages, I'd suggest you move away from frames. I just clicked on one of your links the "cursor change page"... and it completely reopened the same page in that small little box window. Nice header logo. :-)
  9. KBC

    Some network monitor app

    Hi, I was wondering is there such an application which I can use to monitor bandwidth and network traffic on a specific IP? I'm on a LAN and have a server acting as the router so we can all share Internet access. I just want to know where the traffic is all going. Is it possible to monitor...
  10. KBC

    Review Ma New Site

    It looks ok... but a bit plane and white. Perhaps you could make the site absolute center so that it's more ideal for different resolutions? A bit more colour could enhance the design? :-)
  11. KBC

    need free reseller

    That's pretty impossible. I don't think you should be starting up some sort of hosting business without having the funds to purchase a reseller yourself.
  12. KBC

    The begginings of my site

    As soon as I go to your website, it begins installing stuff on my PC. But after a quick glimpse, seems alright so far... the header is pretty nice. The colors work well.
  13. KBC

    Yikes! My computer keeps restarting itself!

    Honest to me, it sounds like your system is overheating, download yourself some software or use the software provided with your motherboard and check out the system temperature... and power... sometimes your system can automatically restart when it overheats. It's likely to be the Blaster worm...
  14. KBC

    Small Offer [10MB, FTP, PHP, MySQL]

    I can host your blog and give you an account with MySQL but I am unable to solely give MySQL away.
  15. KBC

    Advice needed, older ppl please

    hehe... I'd be concerned if someone as young as 9 was looking up porn and adult-rated material. I'd definitely check them out and see what exactly they were doing. Regardless of this privacy thing... LoL... someone under 10 shouldn't be on those sort of sites or looking up such material on...
  16. KBC

    need small space; php, no ads

    If you're still looking, I maybe able to host you if you already have an existing website.
  17. KBC

    Small Offer [10MB, FTP, PHP, MySQL]

    What would you be using the MySQL for? :-)
  18. KBC

    Small Offer [10MB, FTP, PHP, MySQL]

    Do you have an existing website? :-)
  19. KBC

    Small Offer [10MB, FTP, PHP, MySQL]

    I've decided to give some free hosting away as I still have quite a bit of space to spare. However this offer is only available to those who already have an existing website with some sort of content, this doesn't include forum only websites. Portal and CMS scripts are restricted. There won't...
  20. KBC

    Take a look

    Very catchy background. :-) Pretty quick loading too... easy navigation and interface.