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    Just to add, we're back online again now, and have a new server at ThePlanet - no more AngelNetworkz ;-) Our forums and e-mail are now on a seperate server too! ~Jerome Everall ValcatoHosting.com
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    Is valcato closed?

    Thanks for that Jan...we'll also be hosting our main site and forums on a seperate network soon, so that you'll be able to get to them when one of our servers is down :-)
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    24 Hour Halloween Special - 200Mb / 20Gb for $20 per YEAR!

    You read it right, for the next 24 hours ONLY we're offering a freakily good deal over here at ValcatoHosting.com. The ValcatoHosting.com Freaky Halloween Special is one of our best deals EVER! For just $20 per YEAR we're offering 200Mb of Webspace, a full 20Gb of monthly bandwidth and 100...
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    100Mb and 5Gb/month from JUST $1.99/month!

    BEAT THIS! Over at ValcatoHosting.com we have just changed our pricing structure! You can now get 100Mb of Unix webspace, 5Gb of bandwidth per month, along with 100 mailboxes, and all the usual features such as subdomains, FTP accounts and Cpanel 6.0 for just $1.99 a month...
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    Recommendations between Valcato / SolidInternet / Nexfer?

    Yes thats right, but we soon saw the error of our ways and ValcatoPRO no longer exists.. 2003 for us is a year of simplification, you'll see a lot of streamlining going on in this month. Hosting, Reselling, Servers, Simple. Thats my quote of the day anyways :-) ~Jerome
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    Dedicated server uptime

    Hiya, Valcato Dedicated Servers have a 99.5% guarenteed network uptime. Thanks for your interest. ~Jerome
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    Valcato dedicated servers

    Hey Tazzman, here are a few reasons: 1. We dont charge a higher setup fee, there is no markup on that 2. We will obviously have a lot less dedicated clients than DedicatedNOW, making for better technical support and a more personal service 3. We operate both a 1-800 (US) and an 0800 (UK)...
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    Valcato dedicated servers

    Heya, We're trying (with little luck) to set ModernBill up to work with the dedicated packages. For now just e-mail me (jerome@valcato.net) to ask questions or place orders! ~Jerome
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    ValcatoPRO Special Offers!!

    Valcato Internet Services is proud to announce the launch of its new service, Valcato PRO. (http://www.valcatopro.net/) To celebrate, we've got the following fantastic prices for a limited time only: ValcatoPRO Bronze Disk Space 500mb Bandwidth 10Gb/month User accounts (Email/FTP) 5...
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    Where is ValcatoPro sales?

    Yeah, but usually coca-cola use the advertising method of: "Coca-Cola! It tastes really nice and has only been linked to tooth loss in ONE state so far!" And not "Coca-Cola! Drink it now because pepsi is craaaaaaap!!" Heh, I should be a marketing director for cola :P ~Jerome
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    Where is ValcatoPro sales?

    Hey All, In my personal opinion, I think that competition means striving to be the best, and better than your competitiors, and letting the target market see this plainly. NOT attacking any other competitors in the market at any available opportunity and telling customers that you rule...
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    Where is ValcatoPro sales?

    Hi Allanh and all, I've been out of town since friday, but now that i'm back i'll be sorting out a whole stack of stuff that has appeared in my inbox :) Allanh - If you have MSN messenger, let me know, i'll add you and we can chat about your needs. Anyone else reading this and wondering...
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    valcato experience

    Hi All, Let me clarify some things :) Support with Valcato "standard" has the framework to be just as good as Valcato PRO (i.e. the same support mechanisms such as helpdesk, 1-800 telephone support, live chat support) The difference is, Valcato PRO will have more support operators...
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    ValcatoPRO :: PRE-ORDER and get 50% OFF!!

    Hi All, We are now accepting pre-orders for Valcato PRO. We will initially only be accepting 20 pre-orders, but if you pre-order, you can sign up for HALF of the normal price! For example, the Valcato PRO "Bronze" package, with 500Mb of webspace, and 10Gb of Sprint / UUNET redundant...
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    Warning For Chitie.com!

    Fair enough, That makes sense and i'm glad we can finally put this matter to rest! ~Jerome
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    Warning For Chitie.com!

    Actually, we only recieved one email from Peter John, which I replied to within 10 minutes offering him a full refund and to have his account set up free of charge. No reply. I have to wonder, that in a week he's now given two hosts "the essay" and claimed that they are frauds/scams...
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    Valcato--Missing In Action-Again

    Yeah it was supposedly Burst....though to my best knowledge there was no such fire at all.. ~Jerome
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    Valcato--Missing In Action-Again

    We will be doing...soon...!! ~Jerome
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    Valcato--Missing In Action-Again

    Crispy, Before you dig out the sarcasm, it wasn't me who said there was a fire in the datacenter, god knows where that came from. The reason for our downtime is, in the words of BurstNET: BurstNET: Major power outage across whole city. Unfortunately we are performing huge power...
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    valcato raised their hosting price

    Yeah I make no excuses, we're slow on e-mail - we recieve 150+ per day, so posting anything on the forum WILL get you a much faster response......hint hint!! (obviously private things such as billing/account enquiries should be e-mailed!) ~Jerome