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  1. repoman

    Siko Hosting gone?

    Yeah. After talking about how you live close to me and that it's a bus trip away and asking exactly where i live as soon as you added me on msn...what do you expect?
  2. repoman

    Siko Hosting gone?

    Okay...happy now?
  3. repoman

    Siko Hosting gone?

    Okay. Like? Secondly, I had another host to help. I told my clients to contact them msrosie never contacted me so I could not tell her.
  4. repoman

    Siko Hosting gone?

    Yeah, i bet your saying that so you look like the 'smart----' so then msrosie might consider you. No. Go to Paid Hosting Requests. She has a thread there. Also. I don't care a Is*t what you think about my 'excuses' i know what happened. I have told on this forum. What do you want me to do? Lie...
  5. repoman

    Siko Hosting gone?

    a few things need to be said. Firstly, half of what is being said is not even true and the person doesn't know what they are talking about at all. For example saying we've been down for 3 weeks? Oh..and yes. We do have a backup server. People talking about me not doing enough .etc. What were...
  6. repoman

    Siko Hosting gone?

    i actually had a holiday planned 3 weeks before and the day before i left this happened. I've tried my best. Anyone that know's me in real life know's that i spent around 20 hours of my holiday trying to fix the whole issue.
  7. repoman

    Siko Hosting gone?

    Firstly, we had the money for 2 years for our server. We only moved because we were growing and needed a quicker server. Also this is the paid hosting discussion, not bash a host and offer the ex-client hosting. Also msrosie, yes we do have a backup list but for some reason you were one of...
  8. repoman

    Siko Hosting gone?

    I know Roland from Jewlzk personally and he told me about this thread. I normally don't visit FWS often now.
  9. repoman

    Hosting request

    msrosie. Please e-mail me at egortarabasov[at]hotmail.com
  10. repoman

    Jewlzk [merged]

    yeah..the dc had a few issues i think there. But Roland always fixes it fast ;)
  11. repoman

    Siko Hosting gone?

    haha...who said we were sold? there were never any talks of our company for sale. We are in this for the long run. So basically what happened. Firstly we were moving server and while transfering something went wrong with the hard drive. It was a file that went missing and the only way was to...
  12. repoman

    Looking for cheap hosting (less then $10/year)

    Hello, We can offer you: 1gb Space 10gb Bandwidth 3email accounts POP3 (so you can use Outlook Express) $2/month $20/year E-mail me at: admin@sikohosting.co.uk.
  13. repoman

    free to air and herb ..once again.

    This may be a little high, but e-mail me at egortarabasov@Hotmail.com if you want a russian based dedicated server?
  14. repoman

    Hosting Request

    basicly.. he is going to run a site free for two months and see if it earns money..if it does he pays if he doesn't oh well.. Didn't invest much. I would search the free web hosting section for what you need ;)
  15. repoman

    want small space high bandwidth cheap hosting

    DEVLOPER PLAN 5GB Storage 70GB bandwidth (Will change to 100gb) $8.95/month Unlimited Email Accounts Unlimited mySQL Databases E-Mail: admin@sikohosting.co.uk or add my msn: egortarabasov@hotmail.com for more info or order.
  16. repoman

    Need a new reseller plan

    Gold R Plan - Double Bandwidth 30,000 MB Space 600,000 MB Bandwidth Jailed SSH Custom Nameservers PHP No Fantastico Unfortunately.. Priority Support, 6 Support Systems and Max 5 hour Ticket Reply! IM available most of the day depending on your time zone. $44.99/month or $449.90/year...
  17. repoman

    Quote for small server

    Nice looking offer but I gotta have more info. Support? - Free OS Reloads, 6 Support Systems (YIM,AIM,MSN,E-Mail, Ticket, Telephone). OS's? - CentOS 4.x, Fedora 5,6, Debian 3.1 or Windows Server for $30/month DC connections? - internap/cogent available cp's? - Cpanel, DirectAdmin, VCHS and...
  18. repoman

    reseller thn dedi

    http://sikohosting.co.uk/reseller.html ^ Is a URL of comparision of our reseller plans. We provide dedicated servers and server management and colocation so it would be perfect for you!
  19. repoman

    Quote for small server

    I remember having a server lying around with these specs: 2.0 ghz Celeron 256MB RAM 80gb HD 100mbps Port 500GB Bandwidth $59.99/month or $49.99/month with 10mbps Port. E-Mail: admin@sikohosting.co.uk if interested.
  20. repoman

    wanted a cheap custom service

    Hello, We can provide this for $12/year, with unlimited mysql E-Mail: admin@sikohosting.co.uk Site: www.sikohosting.co.uk MSN: egortarabasov@hotmail.com ^ Contact us on any of those to order or for more info. Kind Regards, Egor