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  1. Tatzel

    Everybody signs up - But nobody makes a site!!

    In my time I've registered a few free accounts that I ended up not using. Was usually for one of those reasons : • Mail sending disabled • Files size and type limits that play havoc on attempted installation of even such mainstream scripts as phpbb, smf, etc... (Fantastico installs and the like...
  2. Tatzel

    Undetectable Proxy....discusion

    Forum managers don't care abour your directory structure or innocuous-looking web pages on the domain, they primarily ban IPs, no way to get loads of those unless with alot of running around free hosts (and abusing their TOS because they don't want proxies) or waste a sizeable sum in paid...
  3. Tatzel

    (1000MB / 120GB) Hostgool.com 100% Free Cpanel Hosting

    Hadn't seen that yet. Free web hosting for real life, real person hosting :readthis:
  4. Tatzel

    just a few weeks ago...

    He's sort of right, there was a number of "tiny" 1-2 GB bandwidth offers around that time though I wouldn't venture as far as saying they were the majority.
  5. Tatzel

    Need help in preventing users spamming.

    I know mail sent through those Byethost "free for the cost of a domain name" resellers gets one such signature automatically appended (Byet advertisement). Wouldn't know how they do it though, seems to slow down the sending a few hours or so, too, unless there's other issues involved. The...
  6. Tatzel

    WP Surreal - Free Wordpress theme - Web 2.0 style

    Beautiful theme :) I'm more on the lookout for something rather fantasy-themed at the moment though.
  7. Tatzel

    Tired of this!!

    Another sizeable information (for some uses at least) that you often have to go fishing for, or set up an actual account to test, is whether the sending of mail is enabled or not.
  8. Tatzel

    Clicksor Can Not Sign Up WTF?

    And then they cancel you just before payout ? That's what I'd be wary of anyway.
  9. Tatzel

    What features do you need with free hosting, we will get that.

    How about : all that information collected and publicly displayed about your hostees ? Website Imgae Gallery Name Email Address Telephone Fax Company Country Category Occupation Birth Date Site...
  10. Tatzel

    What features do you need with free hosting, we will get that.

    What I'm typically looking for when looking around for hosting for the sites I help with (forum-based most often, hence the largish DB space) : • TOS and ad network (if relevant) that don't constrict me to 110% kid-safe content (doesn't have to be a full-out adult/porn host either, just one...
  11. Tatzel

    Text tool hanging oldish graphic app (PSP6)

    Tried removing the fonts and putting them back in, didn't solve it. Here's a sample text job that makes PSP6 hang in Win XP and Vista. 9 letters in size 72, bitmap, anti-aliased and... BOOM. Font's one of those that make the software hang extra fast. I'm in no particular need to actually use...
  12. Tatzel

    Text tool hanging oldish graphic app (PSP6)

    Hello, I'd like to know if there's some easy solution to this problem. I've been using Paint Shop Pro 6 as one of my main graphic editors for a long while, and while for the most part it's aged gracefully for a piece of software I've begun using on a P200 with 32MB RAM and uh... I think it was...
  13. Tatzel

    I got a wireless mouse, and I'm lovin' it.

    It doesn't take years for the batteries to wear down AFAIK. Still clinging to wired mices even if I've finally gotten an optical one instead of the old ball system, but that's because I sometime tend to knock them off and the wire saves them before they hit the ground :D
  14. Tatzel

    Re: Plans

    It is common practice in free hosting to terminate accounts that haven't seen at least a login to the acp or some hits on their websites for a while. I don't think anybody will look at you funny if you do it as long as you mention it in your TOS and aren't overzealous, especially if you mail...
  15. Tatzel

    Re: Plans

    You were thinking to offer larger plans in exchange for post2host, while those 3 are currently given for 2 forced or self-placed linkbacks no matter the plan, if I understand right ? Or is there some other compensation required that isn't clear until one actually signs up ? The plans are...
  16. Tatzel

    Free Rice!!!!!

    10.000 grains, vocabulary cruising around the 46-50 area :banana:
  17. Tatzel

    Concerns about a file host

    Those file hosts pay for themselves through showing ads, and some ad networks aren't too scrupulous or careful and allow some advertisers to provide ad code that tries to have browsers download trojans or spyware. That would be my first guess about what may have happened to your friend, or...
  18. Tatzel

    Free Stickies!

    Neat little tool :)
  19. Tatzel

    Whats the most popular, Free Hosting or Proxies?

    Free hosting is more used, and has been for a much longer time IMO. But those very last years, probably with the increased use of information technologies in schools and by everyone in general (and the increased awareness of school networks persons toward innappropriate content and how to...
  20. Tatzel

    Boycott Streamlined Sales Tax

    US online purchases were tax-free ? Always paid VAT over here (France, at french online stores) as far as I remember :D And even if buying abroad where there are no such taxes applied you have to pay them as the stuff enters the country, though many are probably skirting that, especially...