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  1. n7of9

    What the hell?!

    right-click start button and explorer will take you straight to it ;)
  2. n7of9

    What do you think is the most over-rated movie/game/whatever?

    my top 5 overrated hollywood crap -Chicago -Gangs of New York -Clockwork Orange -the Godfather movies -David Lynch movies my top 5 overrated hollywood crapsters -Renee Zel-yuk -Ben Affleck and his ridiculous chin -Penelope rat-face Cruz -Jennifer Connelly..she's not attractive, she...
  3. n7of9

    Review, which one you like better

    i prefer the old one
  4. n7of9


    or you could have gone here ages ago and been protected all along ;)
  5. n7of9

    Comments and Suggestions needed, thanks :)

    i waited and waited for it to load...but then gave up...how big is the front page???
  6. n7of9

    Comments and thoughts please.

    looks good...i usually whinge about small text, but this one is easy to read on your left hand side menu, it should be instAllation not instIllation...and "colocation" (although this is becoming an acceptable spelling) should really be "co-location" nice graphic :)
  7. n7of9

    digital photo presentation

    hi all.... i have some digital photos that i want to make into a presentation and copy onto disc so that when the disc is inserted into a pc it will autoplay and display each photo for 5 seconds if i create a .pps and burn that to disc, how do it get it to autorun?? alternatively, is...
  8. n7of9

    Outlook Express 6.0

    can you perform any other actions, like "send mail" from your browser or right-click on a file and send "send to mail"? you could try to reinstall it over itself...or repair from the "windows components" section of add/remove...from memory, it should keep all your personal settings and...
  9. n7of9


    i remember that one...great twist...i don't know about messing with the head, but it was enjoyable and the twist unexpected Frailty
  10. n7of9

    another codec bug

    i am very happy you can now view your illegally downloaded copyright material :rolleyes:
  11. n7of9

    im going to be famous

    the insider is a 1/2 hour chat show about BB hosted by Tim Ferguson with 5 or so guest speakers (magazine and radio gossip people)...they were talking about regina and the madness in tasmania about her (the cookies and stuff) and they showed a print-out of your webpage (they didn't mention the...
  12. n7of9

    Video Card

    uuummm...the best one you can get for that price :confused: what do you want to use it for?? gaming, video capture, nothing???
  13. n7of9

    im going to be famous

    PHYX...your site just made The Insider (friday night BB episode)...i hope you saw it :D :D
  14. n7of9

    Favorite Comedy films

    i can't pick any of those for comedy...they're more cheese than comedy :(
  15. n7of9

    LiquidSound is in testing stages!

    VERY nice looking site...nicely laid out, great graphics (which load quickly), great colour scheme BUT (yes, there is always a but)...i could have lived a little happier without seeing the "glowsticks" section...personally glad it wasn't finished or else i may have been scarred for life :p
  16. n7of9

    gym vs sport

    you guys don't sound like you know what gyms are like in sydney...every single one i've been to (say about 8 over the last 15 years) end up being horrible, stuck-up, elitist, cliche, clicky, bitchy...they are just not very nice places for anyone with at least a moderate intellect i agree with...
  17. n7of9

    Ducky is back

    well...i gues i better quack them....."kwak"
  18. n7of9

    Latest artwork!!

    excellent once again ;)
  19. n7of9

    Ducky is back

    i don't get it!!! :confused: :confused2 :o
  20. n7of9

    Interesting request

    Oakenfold, Carl Cox, DJ Tiesto...and from Ministry of Sound (not chill out sessions)