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  1. MN-Carl

    Happy Birthday YUPAPA

    Male Canada Asian
  2. MN-Carl

    question about rackshack

    Equinix, Ashburn, VA. Telehouse East, London UK Telehouse, NJ 55/56Marietta ExchangeColo CN Florida (all 3 million sq.ft of it). Also, Choopa has more bandwidth. RS is not the biggest provider but it is one of the biggest. Rackspace also has lots of servers.
  3. MN-Carl


    Now, i'd actually have to visit this forum more than once per week to post one of these threads, wouldn't I. hmmm :biggrin2:
  4. MN-Carl

    I need Cheap Good hosting

    I will find the offer, I believe I know of a company who offers such a deal. EDIT/ I think it was something like: 5GB of Disk Space 200GB of Monthly YIPES! Data Transfer WHM Reseller $29 per month
  5. MN-Carl

    Cheapest dedicated server

    While doing some beta testing for a well known dedicated server company for VDS kernel set-ups and so on. I was able to push 2MB/s easily 24/7. :p They really loved me doing that as they use InterNAP mainly. :biggrin2: :cool:
  6. MN-Carl

    Cheapest dedicated server

    2000gb can be anything. It depends if you transfer is up/down if you pay for bandwidth on full duplex or half duplex systems or upstream of downstream. How your ethernet card is set-up. What is causing the traffic. What is running. How it's all set-up. What is has to do to transfer...
  7. MN-Carl


    Well, if you wish to get something from an array in php you would do: echo $arrayvar[user2]; So you could do something like $arrayvar = array ( "user2" => "blogger" ); Which could also be called as echo $arrayvar[0];
  8. MN-Carl

    Dedicated Server´s (Companys Offering It)

    FDC offers a server with 4mbps+ bandwidth for $99/mo. What the hell do you expect? Where do they state they will manage/troubleshoot your apache issues? Apache is a third party application. Do this: tail -f /usr/local/apache/logs/error_log let us know what it spews out.
  9. MN-Carl

    Cheapest dedicated server

    A p4 2.8ghz, 1gb of ram and 8mb cache ide hdd's could easily take 8mbps 24/7 as long as it's set-up reasonably.
  10. MN-Carl

    Rackshack Ups The Transfer

    It doesn't really matter to be honest. They get good rates though. ;)
  11. MN-Carl

    Wooooo!!! 14!!!

    Happy Birthday. :birthday: I am suprised Jan hasn't posted. :confused:
  12. MN-Carl

    Cheapest dedicated server

    You can upgrade to latest stable/release/edge if it's not already. RS is the best value provider out. CIhost is the devil and owned by Interland, stay far far away. Run as fast as you can. ;) No. Webmin is a basic server admin cp.
  13. MN-Carl

    Rackshack Ups The Transfer

    Locations Daniel, locations. If you have a server in Texas and you connect directly onto a long-haul OC-48/OC-192 to NJ/NY / CA you would get better pings than the metro fiber loops you connect to via your local city -> chi -> dallas - > ev1. Choopa uses MFN as well. Hopefully RS will add...
  14. MN-Carl

    Interesting request

    :confused: Do you mean I... or :confused:
  15. MN-Carl

    i6networks.com is it The Best free hosting?

    Re: ok host, if what skorpion said is true why :confused:
  16. MN-Carl

    700,000 free hosting accounts to giveaway!

    Works now. :) That's a nice site... Why does your site trace back to NAC and you claim to be in the ThePlanet DC? Can you provide an IP or server name with url to back-up the claim firstly?
  17. MN-Carl

    700,000 free hosting accounts to giveaway!

    am I the only person who cannot access the site?
  18. MN-Carl

    Need Reseller Account with Domain

    For 5GB of space and 50GB of monthly data transfer? You will certainly get what you pay for ;) I wont even go into my usual maths usage for this ... but to say the least its possible but not viable in my honest view to offer that kind of package for $10, possibly $35 but that depends on your...
  19. MN-Carl

    Touch Rugby

    Sadly I never played Rugby as much as I should have. Was too busy working. We live and learn. :( We have a grammer school but I doubt you lost to them.... :p
  20. MN-Carl

    CyberSex... Gone WRONG!

    :whatthe: ROTFLMAO :nervous: not a lot you can say :eek: