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    Best way to promote my photography?

    While working profesionally for the photograhy, taking phots is the easiest part that is to be consider. But, by the side of buinsess, to promote photgraphy includes some steps:- Advertising Social networking Portfolio website Blogging Testimonials Networking Exhibit your work Online arts...
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    For this, follow the steps:- Check your wireless router lights Network admin method by which we can check your router device list Use a network monitoring software Moving forward will beef up your wi-fi security
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    How to fix corrupted external hard drive?

    If your external hard drive can be detached by the computer but all the saved files are corrupted then you can do the following:- Open start and type cmd in the command prompt windows and press enter. Type chkdsk and click enter. By doing this, it will help you to repair the corrupted external...
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    Linux vs windows hosting

    Linux web hosting is popular hosting service that supports the language of PERL and PHP. It attracts the customers most due to its cost price.It is a free type of web hosting service where the users can modify there needs according to their choice.It has been cited that Linux is much more secure...
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    Some points someone not to do when designing a website

    Mistakes that must be avoided during web design are:- Bad search PDF files for online reading Not changing the color of visited links Non scan able text Fixed for font size page titles with low search engine visibility Anything which looks like the adverstisement Violating the design...
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    Advantages of Business Email Hosting

    Some of the advantages of business email hosting are:- Build professional value Secured access IMAP and POP Storage space web hosting
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    What is Query string collection in asp?

    The query string collection is basically used to retrieve the variable values in the HTTP query string. It is the collection of characters input to the computer or the web browser. They are helpful when we want to transfer a value from one page to another page.
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    How can you declare a class in Javascript?

    There are three ways to declare a class in JavaScript, that is:- Using the functions like function Apple(type) Using object literals like var a={}; Using singleton function like var apple= new function()
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    Which is Good for SEO ?

    As per my views, WordPress is best for blogging. As we know, WordPress is the content management system and is the first choice even for the bloggers to do blogging. It is fast and simple to use as well as convenient. Thus, I prefer to WordPress rather than blogger. web hosting
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    What is the lifetime of local storage?

    Expiration of local storage is up to the user. User can explicitly create a time stamp for local storage.There is no time limit for local storage, it doesn't have the expiration limit. User can set it manually. web hosting
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    What is Your Dream Country?

    I have many of the dream companies with me. But, I am most excited to go when it come to London. One of my friend stays there since long time and the beauty of London that she describes makes me no awaiting to move there. I would curiously like to visit there. web hosting
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    do you have an account in Linked in ??

    Yes, I have a account in LinkedIn. I personally found it very useful to make my account. It is best option for the personal as well as business development. It enhances the great job opportunities for the users. I really works for me. I found it very helpful for my career. web hosting
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    Latest version of php

    PHP 7.0.0 is the latest version of PHP. This new version comes with new improvements and a new version of Zend engine. PHP 7.0 is the biggest update in php's history since 2004 when PHP 5.0 was released. PHP 7 promises faster response time and low memory usage. Taking a look at the...
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    What is Web Hosting & Domain Name Registration?

    WEB HOSTING- The term Web hosting means that the internet hosting which enables the individual or the company to make their presence in the market by online procedure and hence, can be accessible by everyone through the internet. The Web Hosting service needs only two things i.e. the web space...
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    Cost of domain names...?

    Some sources offer domain names for what seem to be very low prices while others offer names for what seem to be very high prices. Some registrars are allowed to set their own prices for domain name registration services. Some price differences are due to the level of customer support offered by...
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    What are the advantages of having our own domain name?

    Having your own domain name: Increases your credibility Looks more professional Helps with branding by making your blog more recognizable and memorable Gives you more control over site, and therefore more flexibility in regards to layout and set up Is sometimes more appealing to advertisers...
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    how do you pay for hosting services?

    Well, there are many options available for paying for my purchase of hosting services. I can do Net banking, paypal, credit card, Paytm and many more options are available with my hosting providers. web hosting
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    Blog Design

    The easiest and creative method will be using the Wordpress. Here are some steps that will make you clear how to make it- Choose the blogging platform, domain name, and hosting option. Design the theme as simple as you can. Modify the blog to get the desired look and feel for your website...
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    Hosting for online magazine

    I will recommend you to use the services of Microhost. They are providing the cheap VPS hosting servers for their customers with 99.99% of up-time. I personally found their services extremely amazing. You can try once, I hope this will definitely help you for your website. web hosting
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    Do you know really dedicated sever?

    The dedicated servers are highly available to configure on single server for each network. It sometime refers to the dedicated hosting services also. These servers can be set up in-house or externally within the data center. They are the internet hosting services that leases on the organisation...