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    20 - 50MB space 300MB BW wordpress blog

    Thank you Thank you everyone for showing interest and responding to my post. I've found a host therefore, I no longer need anymore hosting at this moment. This thread is closed. I thank each and everyone of you who have posted here. I truely am greatful.
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    20 - 50MB space 300MB BW wordpress blog

    Your page is offline. Thank you Adam.. I'm checking it out..
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    [req]Free Site

    Haha .. That's funny.. I'm just happy to see a fellow Chicagoan (well I'm currently not living there though) ..
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    20 - 50MB space 300MB BW wordpress blog

    Thank you so much for being the first person to show any interest on my request. However your offer is too large and my blogging isn't worth of 10GB big at the intitial stage. I don't want to waste your space (more over it isn't exactly free, which is understandable comparing the size of the...
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    20 - 50MB space 300MB BW wordpress blog

    I need a reliable hosting with no ads and no required forum posting, and is upgradeable based on my site’s growth. This is what I need: Space: 20 - 50MB Bandwidth: 300MB Wordpress capability (if possible C-panel type stuff) Subdomain My advertising allowed: I would like to put Amazon...
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    Revenue Pilot :( Help!!!

    if you do make that website can you send me the link via pm? thank you ..
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    I have a suggestion! !

    yeah true but u dont see them talking like that in FWS .. and also when someone use the term N***R people get offended here. same thing is in UK .. its their version of the N word (but its pointed towards indian subcontinent) as for elang.. sorry dude i have no idea what you just said ..
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    hmm sounds like a good idea.. okay back to the topic .. the reason some people want to use cpanel is 1. they are newbies 2. they are lazy 3. they dont have the time to write a script for 2 days.. who am i?? i'm all the above .. now i heard a lot of good things about h-sphere i...
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    Rosa Parks dies at age 92

    this is out of curiousity .. i heard that segregation system is still going on the deep south .. is it true? i know that some restaurant in tx dont serve food to black people (dont know about other non white race.. but i got the info from a black friend of mine when he was coming back to chicago...
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    Rosa Parks dies at age 92

    maybe so but shes one of the people who took the step to MAKE it happen..
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    Cyberkit + 500MB//10GB bandwidth

    pretty reasonable as it seems .. *EDIT* i thought you guys asked for 20 postings..
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    Free Hosting Is Here!

    im curious.. it seems interesting.. can i get the details please....
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    Fear the WeatherDude!

    seriously hollywood is coming short on ideas these days.. there are too many remakes out there have u seen the remake of psycho?? what was that guy thinking? if they can make movie about fogs why not make a movie about forks ?? where someone kills with fork (like in certain movies)
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    how can i remove / bypass a bios password?

    i dont have the manual .. i have the restore cds and stuff but that aint much help .. as its screwed up from the bios.. however i will search on the net i guess see if i can find the manual there..
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    Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari?

    stuff about FF that i like .. - faster than ie - more secure - multiple search engines - tabbed - add ons
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    how can i remove / bypass a bios password?

    i have this computer sitting at home .. which hasnt been turned on for 1.5 yrs (it was my dads clinics computer) and nobody remembers the password. the company that provided the machine is out of service.. so i was wondering can anyone help me with it? its a hitachi visiondesk 2640.. it asks...
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    Antivirus Softwares

    each anti virus has its own unique capabilites.. when some miss something others can catch.. so its better to have multiple antivirus / spyware available.. i currently have norton / mcafee and i occationally scan my pc with trendmicro .. i used avg in the past .. but i have to say i hate...
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    satellite TV phone

    i believe in korea the signal is mostly available in big cities..