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    Free File Hosting

    Free File Hosting, File types, Allowed File Types, .rar .zip .exe .jpg .mov .bps & More Good for CSS , Gmod hl2dm, maps. :readthis: No illegal Files Allowed.:readthis: http://xlow.net Package Name: Registered Max Filesize: 50.00 MB File types: All type...
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    I need free file storage

    I could do it if it was temp hosting needed, but not forever. i can give you ftp you.p1z.net pm me, or you can use the site www.p1z.net
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    Any Help?

    I can provide what you ask pm me,
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    add url in search

    what search? like a search engine like yahoo>?
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    Request Please...

    Well if its just file hosting you can try www.P1z.NET
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    Request Please...

    What type of files would you host, and how much bandwith is needed?
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    Free Image & File Hosting / All File Types \

    Check us out for more info at www.P1z.net
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    image host w/ziip upload

    i think he means like help pay for the hosting.
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    image host w/ziip upload

    No, On a few sites i have advertisments. but none on that one yet. and your welcome.
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    Free file host list [merged]

    Allowed types: jpg,jpeg,png,gif,bmp,txt,mp3,wmv,avi,pdf,doc,xls,ppt,mpg,mpeg,rar,exe,zip
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    Upload Sites

    www.p1z.net Allowed types: jpg,jpeg,png,gif,bmp,txt,mp3,wmv,avi,pdf,doc,xls,ppt,mpg,mpeg,rar,exe,zip
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    image host w/ziip upload

    www.p1z.net ? Allowed types: jpg,jpeg,png,gif,bmp,txt,mp3,wmv,avi,pdf,doc,xls,ppt,mpg,mpeg,rar,exe,zip
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    Free Email

    Rand0m Name You@ChunkyPoo.com www.ChunkyPoo.com Free
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    Free file host list [merged]

    P1z.net :wave:
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    Any Ideas?

    anymore ideas?
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    Any Ideas?

    Messenge Sent.
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    Any Ideas How much

    LOL, Thanks :biggrin2:
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    Any Ideas How much

    any ideas how much i could maybe get out of xlow.net? words, Xlow Xlow hosting
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    Any Ideas?

    Any ideas for ChunkyPoo.com ? I wanted to make it into a community for funny videos or other kind of humous website. I have not yet found the help i need. I dont really have money. But is there anyone that would like to help me get a community started?.