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    how is it, is it worth being a member of it? what about it's support, better then others? what about its domain adminstrative tools ? is it comparable to mydomain.com (plus) ?
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    Help I need a Free host with Perl PHP and MySQL

    Hostingextreme <== supports sql ?
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    AmzWeb.net down?

    yupz i know.. lolz.. the wierd think is amzweb.com is still up.. haha.. really i hope i can retrive my forum/sql data from the host
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    AmzWeb.net down?

    amzweb.net down??
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    CGI Host, no advs

    anymore? both of them looks nice.. but 1 only accepts 15 signups per day.. the other don't have cgi..
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    CGI Host, no advs

    Looking for a cgi host to do an image galary. i hope that it is reasonably fast, and also. more then 10 mbs. i hope that there won't be any advs also. thx. ftp upload would be nice.
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    MySQL for Vbulletin

    eh.. i am currently using it.. but it is abit slow for forums. :( took me 10 secs to view a page, i am on adsl
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    MySQL for Vbulletin

    btw, i need it for forums, also, i prefer no advs. but still feel free to list all the mysql-able host, so that i could chose. :D
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    MySQL for Vbulletin

    Anybody know of any host that have database(MySql) functions ? please don't tell me about f2s/datablocks .... they are slow to connect from my home(asia) I tried powersearch, but came up with few crappy results :(
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    The Perfect Host

    ok I might try... but i need to know if it have mysql and php. if it had, what info should i email them ?. username? pass? and any others?
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    VBulletin Help

    does it requires mysql ?
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    I wanted to host a vb board on free web host.. what host do you recomend ? did a powersearch... and Bootbox Logical Hosting Mycgiserver Phreak.co.uk Surecity English Worldzone X-Mail are the results. :(
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    News Posting scripts??

    Can someone tell me how to configure newspro ??
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    Php nuke on www.F2s.com

    Can someone tell me how to setup php nuke on http://www.f2s.com ?? or is there any better fwh that allows us to run php nuke without ads ?
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    Php Nuke on f2s.com

    Can someone tell me how to setup php nuke on http://www.f2s.com ?? or is there any better fwh that allows us to run php nuke without ads ?
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    Where to get free shells that supports eggdrops ??
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    Music Videos

    well, some are.....
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    I have a domain but no hosting

    i recomand http://www.mydomain.com i host my domain there and use http://www.f2s.com as my webhost... very good. :D
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    Music Videos

    which host should i use for my musicvideos, in mpg format.... currently, they are ranging from 40mbs to 90mbs. :D I do not want http://www.myspace.com or freespace cos they sux. do you know any host that have more/equal 100mb space and support large files ?? so that i can store these...
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    any better registrar?

    WEll, I prefer to use http://www.mydomain.com for my free domainzero domain. it works well for me :D