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    AutoRank Pro 3.0.3

    Cool :). How can I get it?
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    free domain hosting with no ad/cgi

    I need a free domain hosting service that has no ad and offer cgi-bin. Don't need much space, about 5mb, because I'm just going to run a topsite website.
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    avoiding domain transfer fee

    I'm planning to transfer my free domain from DomainZero.com to gkg.net which I found on this board. I don't know if they charge for domain transfer or not. The site says that domain transfer is free but it also say it cost $9.99 per domain( http://www.gkg.net/domain/transfers/ ). [Edited by...
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    avoiding domain transfer fee

    I want to know can I avoid domain transfer fee by registering my domain again on the day my domain expire with another registrar?
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    AutoRank Pro 3.0.3

    Does anybody have a copy of AutoRank Pro 3.0.3 that I can have?
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    public ftp

    Thanx. I'm using the ftp that I get for free from my domain hosting.
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    what's wronng with jumpworld.net?

    what a shame..... Jumpworld.net had one of the greatest service for a free hosting site. They were updating their servers and they let new users sign up again about 1 week ago. Then they just drop dead.
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    DomainZero and Hypermart

    Yes it is free. Both hypermart.net and virtualave.net are provided by the same company (i think) and they have great service. I can't remember a time when their servers are down.
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    public ftp

    I have a public ftp site and I was wondering is there something like .htaccess for ftp that can control file permissions on the ftp site?
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    DomainZero and Hypermart

    Sign up for domain hosting from hypermart.net and then edit you nameserver at http://access.domainzero.com . I believe there nameservers are ns1.hypermart.net and ns2.hypermart.net . Why use url redirecting when you could get real domain hosting.
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    Looking for programer....

    I could code in perl, but what kind of script you need?
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    Message Board

    You're using it right now. You are using it right now on this forum. It's called vBulletin, try it, it's the best.
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    Gaming Ads

    What's the dailyradar? I can't find it anywhere in cj.com.
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    Best hosting plan in the work???

    10 mb is good enough 10 mb is good enough if you use MySQL and PHP because all the data is store in the MySQL database :D and you can have multiple database per account. I'm switching from perl scripts to php scripts, save me a lot of space.
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    What domains do YOU own?

    gamesalley.net topsitedir.com I just register topsitedir.com a month ago, I can't believe no one took it yet. :p
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    Free Domaim

    Is namedemo.com more like domainzero.com or namezero.com? Cuz namezero.com is give you crappy shit, you can't use your own nameservers. Or is it like domainzero.com, you may do anything you want with it.
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    Looking for a good UBB-like message board

    Your using it right now!!!!!! Your board that you want is what you are using right now, it's called vBulletin but it's written in php. If you know a little about php, you might know that it's a whole lot faster than perl. The great thing about this board is its templates. It have a template for...
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    DomainZero question

    I have a question regarding domainzero's policy. I'm currently have an account from domainzero and want to know what would happen after a year when my account expire. Would I be able to continue to own it for free or would I have to purchase it? If I would have to purchase it, could I get it for...
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    Domainzero Help

    That's because you didn't not point your domain to your website yet.
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    Help Me Decide!

    You can use Everyone.net with Domainzero.com as long as you use their nameservers. If you use a name server of a site where you domain is hosted at, you may not be able to use it with everyone.net