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    .htaccess file?

    Im away from my linux machine but if I remember right you have to use a directory tag and the NoIndex imperitave... Something like: <directory=/somewhere> NoIndex </directory> in your .htaccess file. You should check the exact syntax... as I said I dont have my own config files...
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    Looking for a site for storage..

    For audio only, try stormload.com ... I haven't used them for awhile but they stream things...
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    help with perl

    I think the best way to learn is to learn by example... So here is a fully working piece of code that works by itself..just put it in a file of its own... : ------start code------ #!/usr/local/bin/perl print "Content-type: text/html\n\n"; $query =...
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    What is "commercial ROM"?

    What I believe happened over the last couple of years or so is a statute saying that if a particular game system is no longer sold, and the manufacture agrees to it, those ROMs can be traded on the Internet. The only one I know for sure is the NES which Nintendo gives expressed permission...
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    Did anybody ever use PORTALGLUE

    I think I played around with them for about a week... I dont see the reason to use them...there are much better portal systems out there, and its almost as easy to create your own with readily avaible PHP or PERL scripts...
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    Anyone seen a cds, latley?

    Im sort of thinking it may be a bad thing ... :) Don't worry ... i wont overpost this time...haha... :)
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    help with perl

    A simple way is to do a series of elseif statements such as: $query=$ENV{'QUERY_STRING'}; if ($query eq "main") &main; elsif ($query eq "contact") &contact; elsif ($query eq "bob") &something; else &default_error_message; You can even do a case statement if that...
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    Some FWP with CGI , No Ads etc...

    Im worried about the speed of this site in the future. Its already kind of slow for me and it only has about 260 members. Once people get to know about this, that membership will sky rocket and the speed will most likely be incredibly slow...
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    Another IE/NS dilemma...

    Well HTML is a pretty sloppy scripting language...if you want script, you'll have to switch to XML hehe... Anyway, woudn't bother changing code that others have given you... Most times (unless your dealing with tables), browsers will give html code the benefit of the doubt... :)
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    index.html index.htm and default.html

    Its whatever comes first in the DirectoryIndex variable of the server configuration files. Its usually index.html...
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    Accesses & Visits

    The standard web terminology is pageviews [prob you visits] and hits [prob your accesses]. A pageview is whenever a page is loaded in its entirety. A hit means anything that is accessed on your site...i.e. pics, sound, files, even email... Hits are generally do not mean anything to someone...
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    Great idea for any software programmers

    If you really want one, I suppose I could write one for you... (or someone else on this board) This is incredibly easy to write with PHP or even PERL so anyone can do it... (I will be busy for about another week or so doing a few more sites...)
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    Another IE/NS dilemma...

    One service that will list all the "wrong" things on your site is at http://websitegarage.netscape.com/ Yes, its run by netscape now, so watch out... Also, a lot of these suggestions are not really necessary...you could put yahoo.com through it and still get errors probably...so you and...
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    Woofcat (Updated) ?

    I would personally lose the button look on the top and go back to the bar across the top...it looks way more profesional... And Coolin is right, the only color that works for the news in this color scheme is white (definately not gray!)
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    Is F2S really the best?

    Ive had a lot of problems with them in the past. Their ftp servers basically dont work and the web upload doesn't work most of the time... A lot of space though so the service is tempting... Oh yeah...and their service is SOOO slow...!
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    Too slow?

    Not too bad... Ok... Initial thoughts... 1) I really like the top menu system...good colors and integration... 2) Definately lose the intro popup question thing if all possible...its totally annoying and will lose you repeat visitors... if you must have it, put it after people enter the...
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    any free dns services...

    Ahh... the tragic tale of all the people trying to offer services that are really too good to be true... So far abusers have killed: centralinfo domainzero namezero granitecanyon and countless good free webhosts... whats next ?
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    Too slow?

    Maybe the reason your getting no replies is that your webpage is not showing up...all there is is the standard Website Coming Soon message...
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    How do i point my domains to one webhost?

    The other alternative that may seem cleaner and less transparent is to set up a CGI or PHP script that uses an invisible frame to send the user to a certain page depending on the domain (which is an environment variable). The advantage of this is that your URL does not change to what it...
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    cgi form handler

    There are only 2 ways to deliver form input... POST or GET. If you dont want the user to see what he/she typed, use POST. You can find the code to parse a POSTed form in almost any beginning PERL tutorial. There is no "secret" way in my knowledge to otherwise transmit form data... if you POST...