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  1. zerocool786

    Amazon affiliate program

    I want to make money using Amazon affiliate program. I read online that best way to start is a niche market. For example iPhones only. My question and concern is that why would someone come to my website buy iPhone. I know someone will say start a blog about iPhone etc. but I don't want blog...
  2. zerocool786

    affiliate program script php

    hi I am looking for a good php script that will make users earns points by shopping on amazon,ebay etc..Basically an affiliate program for amazon, ebay etc..
  3. zerocool786

    fb filter image php script

    is there an php script for to add a filter like on fb profile photos? I know, there are alot of image manipulation scripts. But I just need to add colors or image as a filter to an photo? so, don't need any mega filters script
  4. zerocool786

    mypoints website

    hi I want to create a website similar to mypoints. Its basically a website that giver users points for shopping using their links and users redeem their points for gift cards etc. If I wanted to start a similar website, do I need to have an affiliate account with each company, such as...
  5. zerocool786

    php mysql display columns as header

    I have data inserted into MYSQL like below Name.....empid.....Description....quantity... A.............1..............Vacation.........5 B............2...............Vacation.........9 A.............1..............Sick................4 I want to display like this on the webpage...
  6. zerocool786

    Convert Russian lang to English in PHP script

    @iBrightDev..Yes, thats a good suggestion and I was trying to do. But could not find any good Google API translator script out there. can you suggest one, I will definitely try that. @sander k..lol...I am living in USA....The problem is there are hundreds of lines, that I have to translate, so...
  7. zerocool786

    Convert Russian lang to English in PHP script

    Hi I have a php script with only Russian lang file. I want to convert it to English. When I pasted that russian.lng file into google translator, it does not translate. But if I take each individual line and paste in google translator, then it works. Problem is there are 600 lines. And...
  8. zerocool786

    image copy or backup hard drive

    I dont have wins 7 CD or any restore cds. It came with installed win 7 + hp drivers. so, when I try to restore from my image copy, will it ask me for Win 7 Key?
  9. zerocool786

    image copy or backup hard drive

    I have a Educational software installed on my laptop. I can use the installation key ONLY ONCE. should I backup or create a image copy of my hard drive, just in case I get viruses?
  10. zerocool786

    Get users photos from specific

    I want users to choose, which album they want view their photos to appear on certain page. Everything works fine with my SQL and coding regarding pulling albums ID, or photos id, using separate SQL. Below is the SQL I use to get users photos from the latest album. $query1 = "SELECT...
  11. zerocool786

    Accept .edu domain on registration

    I want to accept ".edu" ONLY on user sign-up. I am running Social Engine v3. Here is the code, which, email check function is done. // THIS FUNCTION CHECKS IF PROVIDED STRING IS AN EMAIL ADDRESS // INPUT: $email REPRESENTING THE EMAIL ADDRESS TO CHECK // OUTPUT: TRUE/FALSE...
  12. zerocool786

    500GB Bandwidth, 5GB Webspace, PHP, MySQL, Control Panel, Instant Activation

    too many pop-ups of porn-type music videos....
  13. zerocool786

    import youtube videos into SQL

    I am looking for a stand alone script that import videos into MYSQL. I want to able to type in keyword, or anything, the results shows all the youtube videos, then I want import them into MYSQL.
  14. zerocool786

    Shared hosting or own server

    thanks guys.. I should have mention I used Boonex dolphin script before and got hacked. some people said its because of shared hosting and because of buggy script. so I was thinking, to start my oww server using WAMP. so it will at least stop one way to be attacked. I know, there is no...
  15. zerocool786

    facebook clone script

    wrong email address
  16. zerocool786

    Shared hosting or own server

    I have read about shared hosting is not secure for many of the CMS. I just found out about WAMP server. which allows me to start me own server. I wanted to which is more secure, the Shared hosting account from (bluehost, startlogic etc) or having my own server using WAMP. thanks
  17. zerocool786

    Host Videos online

    vunow I have Vunow box. the box stream wmv player through internet. This is what was looking to broadcast my channel. I know, I can just upload a .wmv file onto any hosting server, and have it stream on Vunow. But I needed to be LIVE streaming. I can't have any other format then wmv. (no...
  18. zerocool786

    Host Videos online

    Hi I am creating channel online. I know there are alot websites that help you do that. I see something that URL ends with .mov or .wmv. The Flash player I have it only accepts those two formats. I want know, how can I add streaming videos that ends with those two formats. one way I...
  19. zerocool786

    Remote window code help

    any please?