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  1. Archbob

    What do you want to become in future?

    I want to become a Ninja master
  2. Archbob

    Free hosts that you used that are now dead

    So what free hosting services have people used in the past that are now dead(or not free anymore)? For me its been: arealcity geocities webjump crosswinds(no longer free) There are others but I can remember those. I've been on paid hosting now for like 8-9 years so its a distant...
  3. Archbob

    Halloween Costume

    What are you guys doing for Halloween? Might just do drag or be a ninja or maybe combine the two and be a drag-queen ninja.
  4. Archbob

    Did you liked the Facebook Timeline?

    No, I wish they would stop adding features to FB
  5. Archbob

    Free vs Post2Host

    I'd rather do post2host and do something for the hosting. I'd go with paid hosting for any serious business though.
  6. Archbob

    Got scammed by Host1free affiliate, where to report?

    I would just write bad reports about them on review sites.
  7. Archbob

    Which Cartoon you loved the most when you were kid?

    I watch some old anime when I was younger. Dragonball and DBZ were always cool.
  8. Archbob

    Ten years, -----es

    Been off and on there for about 10 years myself. Gone from being a student to being an entrepenuer.
  9. Archbob

    One Time Pay Hosting

    Yeah, one time hosts are generally bad. Large upfront and the no service afterwards.
  10. Archbob

    What are the top three free website hosts?

    Free hosting is for small sites or personal blogs mainly. If you are serious about starting a business, go with a paid host.
  11. Archbob

    .tk and co.cc free domain names

    Newsflash: Free domains generally aren't real domains. If your serious about a business, get a .com.
  12. Archbob

    Which web browser do you use?

    Chrome and IE. Firefox crashes far more often than chrome and IE on a clean install.
  13. Archbob

    Microsoft Kills CZ.CC & Dotfree For Spamming

    I'm not really sad to see these domains go.
  14. Archbob

    Free VPS's?

    VPS are generally too expensive to offer for free. You can find some free offers online but most of the aren't very good. I have yet to see a good stable free VPS service.
  15. Archbob

    Would you ever live on the moon?

    No, the lack of plant life would suck.
  16. Archbob

    So, anyone know where scriptmafia is hosted?

    I contacted ThePlanet, mattswebhosting looks kind of dysfunctional and may be owned by the same guy. Wonder if ThePlanet will actuall answer me.
  17. Archbob

    So, anyone know where scriptmafia is hosted?

    Ok, an easier problem. This URL: http://www.relokoton.com/ has just nulled and rebranded my forum, I think they are going through Saavis datacenter, can anyone confirm, whats Saavis's contact?
  18. Archbob

    So, anyone know where scriptmafia is hosted?

    The bloggerhost script, I've sold a few no-link liscenses of that.
  19. Archbob

    So, anyone know where scriptmafia is hosted?

    So the host is in Russia? About the script, I don't really care all that much if he nulls it, the people I make money off of won't use nulled scripts anyways.
  20. Archbob

    So, anyone know where scriptmafia is hosted?

    Hi, So does anyone know where http://scriptmafia.org is hosted. Its an illegal site that specializes in nulling copyright scripts. I was notified that the owner may be trying to null on of my scripts so I have an interested in getting it taken down.