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  1. d-w host

    Vbulletin License

    that's being narrow-minded
  2. d-w host

    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    indefatigable! :D
  3. d-w host

    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    abominable! :D
  4. d-w host


    100% true. :D
  5. d-w host

    Strange Webpage Fault

    Not anymore:P
  6. d-w host

    port 80?

    Thanks. :D
  7. d-w host

    700megs.com is for sale

    A typo I guess. Lol :P :biggrin2:
  8. d-w host

    unverified paypal

    Unverified accounts will only be able to send money on the first month of registration. After that you can only receive money and can't send unless you verify your account. :D
  9. d-w host

    reset uploads...losing place..

    Ws Ftp Pro :D
  10. d-w host

    Need Reseller/Dedicated Server

    Hi, For your budget we can offer you our Reseller AA Package : » 10 GB Space » 200 GB Bandwidth » Price : $28/mo Both Reseller Plans comes with these features » DNS Nameservers (ns1.yourname & ns2.yourname) » OS Platform Linux(CentOS3.X) » POP3 / IMAP Email accounts...
  11. d-w host

    shifthalflife.net needs hosting have over 10000 vists per month

    Is the visitor stats you provided unique hits or total visits?
  12. d-w host

    Need free host(PHP etc)

    I emailed you back with the information you need to know. :D
  13. d-w host

    Free host Request

    If you already have a domain i can host you. :D
  14. d-w host

    Purchasing TLDS...

    Right on target. :D
  15. d-w host

    Webspace for Astrology and Sciences Website

    if you would allow ads i might be able to give you hosting. :D
  16. d-w host

    Need free host(PHP etc)

    Do you allow ADS? if do contact me, i might be able to give you what you need. http://d-wind.com :D
  17. d-w host


    Personal Package » 500MB space » 10GB bandwidth » PHP » CGI » Fantastico » mysql(5) » FTP(5) » mail(5) » Subdomains(15) » Parked Domains(5) » And lots more If you are willing to put ads on every page i will give this to you for free. http://d-wind.com
  18. d-w host


    umm.. You should change your sig since it will be by mods when they see it. :D
  19. d-w host

    Need a hosting to run a forum

    what will your forum be about?
  20. d-w host


    Some nice math. :D