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    Forum Hosting

    My bad, I must have overlooked it.
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    Starting a free hosting company

    I suggest starting with a Reseller than moving to a dedicated. You can go to a VPS also between those two, but I recommend a dedicated. They arn't expensive and you can get your own machine!
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    WordPress Hosting!

    Hey dark_angel, If you don't mind posting at least 50 times once on our forums then we can hook you up with our beginner plan with 500 MB space, 20000 MB bandwidth, unlimited SQL, FTP, and all other resources. Take a look at our other packages here. Sign up at...
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    Need 5 FTP accounts 200 Megs Space for a Into to Web Course.

    Hey Cangiz, Our basic plan has 500 MB space, 20,000 MB Bandwidth with unlimited resources such as SQL, FTP Accounts, etc, with no ads required. We offer the subdomain choices of: http://yoururl.overclockedllc.com http://yoururl.overclockedlan.com http://yoururl.sexeegamers.com...
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    I didn't know you were still around. You used to have hosting with Pwange Host.

    I didn't know you were still around. You used to have hosting with Pwange Host.
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    200mb space 50gb bandwidth

    If you don't mind posting, our end packages have more than enough required for your blog. We are a post 2 host company, so if your interested. Sign up at http://community.overclockedlan.com.
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    Forum Hosting

    If you don't mind posting, sign up at http://community.overclockedlan.com. Our servers are located in the UK, and we offer more than enough space and bandwidth than you requested.
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    OverclockedLAN.com - Post 4 Free Web Hosting

    OverclockedLAN was started by the owner of Pwnage Host and has been around since Feb 2008. We originally started as a gaming community but have expanded to offer web hosting and provide services to companies and other clans, communities, etc. Check out our plans below! SIGN UP AT...
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    Seeking Game Server Company to merge with Hypernic

    Still looking for game server providers!
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    Seeking Game Server Company to merge with Hypernic

    Well we can design the PCs as of now well, but I could use some help with pricing. Thanks. Add me, since I don't have any of your contact infomation.
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    Seeking Game Server Company to merge with Hypernic

    Firstly, I will introduce myself, my name is Alex and I am the co-owner of Hypernic Computer Systems. Hypernic is a company we have recently built to provide quality custom built computer systems to people around the U.S. The web-site template is in progress but we take custom orders locally and...
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    Installing Vista and XP on one system?

    How come its unstable? Thanks for the help btw.
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    Installing Vista and XP on one system?

    Well since many of the programs are comming out for vista I would like to have it installed and also have XP installed as well. Is there anyway I can have both on one hard drive? And how do I choose which to boot?
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    Game Server Management 4 Hire!

    Added to contacts :).
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    Game Server Management 4 Hire!

    I have way to much free time and instead of wasting it on doing nothing I would like to offer my services to any company. Regardless if the company is new or old I am willing to help with management. Experience? No problem * Knowledge of windows 2003 based machines * Knowledge of use...
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    Better game server machine?

    Well I will go with Prestonia for now, since the woodcrest costs more and we can add more ram to the Prestonia and it would be cheaper than the Woodcrest
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    Better game server machine?

    Thats what I figured but the Woodcrest runs at 2.0 Ghz, whist the Prestonia runs at 2.8
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    Better game server machine?

    We are trying to decide which is better, and we need your help. Dual Xeon Prestonia @ 2.8 Ghz + 2 GB RAM 80 GB HD Dual Xeon Woodcrest 5130 + 2 GB RAM 120 GB HD Thanks.
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    Selling iPlayServers.com + Webdesign + WHMCS Intergration!

    If you had waited a bit, I could have offered you help, I just got back from Florida. Let me know if you change your mind.
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    Partner Hosting, Interested?

    Doesn't seem like your bringing much to the table mate. Forum software really doesn't matter in the hosting business and most companies need the owner(s) to know what they doing. Plus your seeking someone to design the site.