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    Long domain name V/S short domain name

    I agree that shorter domain names are preferred, the longer the domain name the greater the chance of typos when return visitors are trying to find your site.
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    video on shared account

    Im sure there are probably companies that do, but a lot of webmasters probably instead use YouTube to host their video, and link to that content from their website.
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    1&1 slow or is it me?

    There is a good tool for checking the latency from different locations world-wide at just-ping.com. The test results there show that the domain you mentioned is pinging good from pretty well everywhere now.
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    Please help determine hosting needs - what a mess...

    I am sure they don't want to lose you as a customer. You might want to contact their Customer Service manager and explain that you've been happy with them so far, but it looks like your needs are not being met by the $4.95 plan. Explain what your needs are (and remember that nothing in shared...
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    I would be skeptical and ask them for more information on what they will be using the hosting for, and why why they require offshore hosting. It could be a legitimate reason/need.
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    VPS DNS question

    Sure you can use a single IP to host more than one site (as long as you won't need ssl, if that is the case each secure site would require its own IP). You might want to consider getting a managed VPS with a control panel like Cpanel/WHM, it will cost a bit more but will probably save you time...
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    There are many good hosting providers that you could choose instead, many will seamlessly migrate your sites for you too. Check the offers section of this forum, I'm sure there are a few hosts that will meet your needs.
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    Late fee on a hosting account?

    Having late fees gives your clients an incentive to pay on time. I'd recommend a set percentage of the amoung owing rather than a fixed fee, it's more fair to each party.
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    Big deal?

    That's very good pricing, I'd first check if they offer any warranty, though, and ask if the server is "previously enjoyed". It's not such good pricing if you have to pay for replacing worn out parts right away.
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    "who" is telus?

    Telus is a Canadian telephone company, they also offer isp services and website hosting.
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    Where web hosting is better?

    Generally it's best to host as close as possible (i.e. same country) as the majority of your site visitors, so they will get the quickest possible load times
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    i need your help

    check with your provider's technical support department. If they can't help you perhaps they can refer you to a 3rd party tech that can.
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    How can you compete with constant overselling!

    even at $5/month with 1000 accounts a provider would have to be hoping that not much client support is needed. There's not a lot of net revenue available there to be hiring many support staff.
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    In the search for the ways save money.

    Definitely ask their sales team if there's any discounts or promos available. If they want you to pre-pay for a longer term check their cancellation policy to make sure that you can get a pro-rated refund if you cancel before then end of the billing term.
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    Which would be better? Or both?

    get both, that way your competitors won't. My first choice would be to use the .com. As far as "clever" combination domain names, what you think is clever and what your target audience thinks is clever might be two different things. Ask yourself this: if a person had no idea about my site...