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    The best php no-database forum script ?

    They enable users without MySQL access to operate a forum, plus some of them offer simplicity over other boards.
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    The best php no-database forum script ?

    Who are 'they'? :rolleyes:
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    Why do forum scripts have such bad CPs?

    Maybe just to clear some things up... you're talking about the Admin CP and not the User CP, right? :p
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    Invision Board

    If you are having trouble skinning Invision Board, there is support available at IBSkins. You might also want to read this tutorial .
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    Free Buliten Boards

    There is also a new service at Invision Free.
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    Forum design

    Re: Hi everyone Your website should come pre-installed with IB. If you're having trouble, submit for support. ;)
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    Anything for free like Abode for photoshop?

    Paint Shop Pro is a good alternative for $100.
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    Xmb or Invisionboard

    Invision Board has been in development since around February, XMB has been around a while longer. (IB's creator also created Ikonboard)
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    Why Invision Board is better than phpBB?

    Wow! Lightning fast! :rolleyes:
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    Remotely hosted discussion forum

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    Compare Boards

    We're aiming for a public release in late september. Development is ongoing, and a new internal release will be uploaded to the IFB website very soon.
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    Compare Boards

    First of all, let me just say I voted for IBF. :p Secondly, IB doesn't use the same emoticons as IBF, both boards use different emoticons as they both created new sets. Third, IB and IBF also look much different in appearance. IB is using a new bluish/gray (like openBB :rolleyes: ) design...
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    A new message board........

    It has been around for a while, it was previously known as eBoard.
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    Hotmail drops pop3 on 7/16

    I guess I should pay attention a little more.. :D If they're stopping POP3 service, I guess I'm going to have to stop using them :p
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    Hotmail drops pop3 on 7/16

    I'm still using Outlook Express to check my hotmail account... :confused:
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    Another BB/Forum question, but something New

    Uhmm... IBForums isn't threaded. :rolleyes:
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    Another BB/Forum question, but something New

    The only one I know of is Phorum . They aren't very popular as they're pretty hard to read IMHO.
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    FTP Programs

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    IncrediBB Sold?

    It was called IcrediBB; and yes, it was sold to the "Jarvis Entertainment Group". They've labeled it the iB php lite version.
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    IBForums Beta 3

    Sorry, but that is pathetic. Bottom of the barrel kind of stuff. Is IBF going to be blamed for stealing iB's white background colour too?