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    Multiple IEs...

    any reason why u would want them both :-p ? Oh yeah so u can get exploited on the older one lol :D
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    Doom 3. Out.

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    Host Mp3

    www.35mb.com ?
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    Need Host for personal site.

    Obviously something huge as he needs 5 MySQL Databases ?
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    Looking for a free reseller!

    This is will cost you like $30+ to buy so why would someone give you it for free ?
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    DC++ Psy Trance Hub looking for host.

    Thats alot of CD's you must own.. unless you mean illegal mp3s ;) ?
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    Some server space for a Radio Station

    also i belive you need to pay for License fess to play copyright music ? http://www.wavestreaming.com/index.php?i=streaming are good :)
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    looking for ssh access account

    what will the shell be used for ? irc :-p ?
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    FREEOLA quite good

    I used them over a year ago, excellent service :)
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    PHP And MySQL Hosting

    all rest seems fine except why do u need 2 mysql databaes? and your expecting a free domain? Sure, you want a free computer with that too ? :shame:
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    need hostng with unlimited space

    what do you need unlimited space for ?
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    need hostng with unlimited space

    soooo.. you actually only want 15mb of space? For no reason.. what it magically went to 15mb+ ?
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    need hostng with unlimited space

    maybe they deleted you because you abused the free space ?
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    need hostng with unlimited space

    You send me a unlimited space hard drive and i will host you and buy you a domain.
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    This is why people want to see the Harry Potter movie sequels

    Be Better if they actually had English accents ...
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    MSN IM virus?

    its a fake, some kiddy just fell out with that dude and is making it so no one talks to him.
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    I need a cool hoster

    Php is not important by u would have it? Why to say you have a host with PHP ? IF you dont need it, why have it ?
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    the design looks awful :-/
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    I uninstalled an app but now it starts up with windows!

    deleting the folder from program files isnt the correct way to do it, as there will be a process running. anyways try this, START MENU, Programs --> Start Up .. is it there ? if So delete it. then try, go to START MENU, then in RUN ; REGEDIT then go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE --> Software...