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    Pay $1.00 Today, Get a FREE Domain Name Today! The BEST DEAL on the Web.

    Dear FreeWebSpace.net members: FrogJumper.com is offering a very rare promotion for a very limited time. All packages are $1.00 for the first month, and you get a FREE Domain Name with every package! That means you can pay $1.00 today for a monthly hosting package, and get a FREE Domain...
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    Need Help Dumping XML file into SQL database

    I would load the file to your FTP server, then write a PHP script to parse it in batches. For instance, after you've processed X number of elements within the XML document, send the next element through a redirect to the script. This will keep you from running into max execution errors, and...
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    Please review our site...

    I am attempting to load the site now, but either my MIFI is having issues, or there is something else going on - I'll shoot you another message once it comes up.
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    Please Review My Business Site!!

    The site is okay. The header seems jumbled, and it does not appear to flow very well with the rest of the site. Additionally, the left side bar moving is a bit distracting. Overall though, it is pretty decent.
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    I need a dedicated server in Asia

    SoftLayer provides a fairly good network selection, and they have a DC in south east asia. It might be worth a look.
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    How do you get customers

    Your ability to create and maintain customers, at least in the beginning, will depend upon your advertising dollars, and where you are willing to spend them. Obviously, your question is dealing with the latter. In that case, this really depends on your strengths. Are you a good marketer...
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    Do you think hosts should be in business if they can not answer support tickets...

    As with everything, it depends. If the host clearly defines their customer support hours as between X and Y, then obviously, their customers should expect to only receive customer support between those hours, regardless of the nature of the content. This type of situation would boil down to...
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    Why only Google for SEO?

    Google is the dominant search engine within the market today. This explains why web developers and designers tend to have a proclivity toward then. They also provide fairly straightforward documentation, in regards to best practices, through the Webmaster Tools. Additionally, many search...
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    Who is the best

    BuySellAds would get my vote. If you have a decently performing site, or plan on having perform fairly decently, their network seems to perform very well.
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    Place to learn Cake PHP

    Personally, I've always found the following methodology helpful: * Create a project / business idea on paper, then * Implement it within the coding environment you wish to use (even if you do not know the language). This serves multiple purposes. First, by getting a project on paper, you...
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    cPanel wants to 'eliminate' WHMCS

    This likely wouldn't cut into the WHMCS market very heavily, as they've diversified their module portfolio to include many, many other hosting management systems. Additionally, as they are currently a market leader, they've been able to heavily invest in a myriad of gateway integrations and...
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    Can I earn money by reselling hosting .??

    Creating a reseller hosting account is very cost effective if you plan to sell web hosting services to a clientele you already have. For instance, if you are web developer or a freelancer of some type, then having a Web Hosting service you can upsell them on is a great way to further monetize...
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    What is Best Support Ticket System?

    1 Vote for WHMCS My vote is also for WHMCS. It is an integrated billing and support system, so it keeps you from managing two separate systems. Of course, it is closed-source, so it is limited in some ways, but the application's structure, including hooks and a robust template system tend...
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    Please review my web hosting site.

    Reasonable design, prefer a lighter color scheme The design is very nice when compared to the average design within the hosting industry. Although, I would suggest removing the "P/M" text, whenever you are meaning to say "Per Month", as "P/M" literally means "Per Per Month", and it can be...