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    [UK] [US] [LA]3.95/M or 19$/YR (256MB/500GB/35GB) | UNMANAGED VPS BLOWOUT SALE 20%OFF

    FeHosting specializes in affordable OpenVZ/SolusVM VPS web hosting solutions. Order any VPS below and TAKE 20% OFF ANNUALLY: Use the coupon code STOCKUP During checkout and it will take 20% off your server if you choose to pay annually. Coupon Codes: We've got a load of New US/UK/LA...
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    I am Test things out This is going to be fun!
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    really small need

    Hi, So you use this account for only sending message to one another? Why can't you both login to MSN,Yahoo or any other free live chat and talk that way? I know some of the free host allow you to use your own domain name. Best of luck with your search.
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    Your Server / Your Price

    Hi, That is a great low end vps. May i ask What do you like about KVM/VMWare/Xen HVM virtualization over OpenVZ? I know Xen is more of a full dedicated server such in the kernel anyways but other then that it's not much of a change. The KVM area's yes i can see more of why you would want it but...
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    What is Best Support Ticket System?

    I would check your server then because BurstNet has PerlDesk and i know they got LOADS of tickets and I have never had a issue with it. I like WHMCS support system but if you don't like it you can have Kayako with WHMCS... Also WHMCS offers Live Chat now aswell.
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    Hostrail Gone!

    Same here. But you must feel bad for the users who had no clue and could think you can get a VPS for that cheap and think it will run for ever. it take me back to the 250free.com issues they had. I just hope they had backups are where able to get them before servers gone poop...
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    Whats your registrar?

    I Like namecheap aswell... they give great support and free SSL's and cheap .info names... and promo codes work with them. they also offer a reseller API that works with most billing systems.
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    Did you custom design your site or use a template?

    Nice custom is the way to go. but user like me that only know a few html line's some php is limit on what we can do. Do you work on Hosting website's.?
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    Looking to Join a Hosting Company

    Hi Adam, Would you like to work for server for some time to see how it goes? If so do let me know by PM or email. Take care.
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    Whats your registrar?

    What do you like most about these two? is it price/support/easy to order/promo codes/do they work with your billing system? Thanks for the reply!
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    Price you would pay for domains.

    Just doing some research here. I am wondering, I'm about to buy-in a domain buisness and would like to know what prices you would pay for domains? I know they are about $9/year for a .com/.net/.org
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    Did you custom design your site or use a template?

    Hi, Did you custom design your site or use a template? We are working on our custom designed site. Just curious what others feel about this.
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    Whats your registrar?

    Hi, Whats the registar you use?
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    Late fee on a hosting account?

    Hello everyone, What do you think about late fees on a hosting account that was 3 or 4 days late? Should you add a $5 $10 or even $15 or more to the account? What would you do?
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    Stay away from Fehosting.com

    The point is that I have try to do what you say. I will only reply to them if it attacks me or the company i work for. I do think you and anyone else would do the same thing. I am done with this and it is odd that i get attacked for trying to put my side of things on here. funny how it works...
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    Your Server / Your Price

    Hi everyone, What do you think about this idea... Your Server / Your Price Your Server / Your Price. RAM Space Bandwidth Control Panel Unmanaged/Semi Managed/Full Management What you want to pay (sensible offers please) Let's see your Package's... This is just to see what...
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    Is it me or is the reps per day seem lower...

    Well i get -rep when i do reply to users... Even if it is helpfully, I get bad rep just because i don't get any sh** off the other users... I don't care about rep user who know me know who i am and how i do things...
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    Stay away from Fehosting.com

    1. I have asked for it to be closed Nothing has been done about it. Peo also made a statement that no one should reply... So you tell me why are they going to reply? I am not going to let them bash me and I say nothing... So it's Okay for someone to bash someone else Just because they been...
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    Stay away from Fehosting.com

    So name calling is OK on here aswell? I can let things go but when i get attacked for posting info then yes i will post back and fight back I am not going to sit here and let you bash me. You have no right in doing so...
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    Is it me or is the reps per day seem lower...

    Seems like this is how it's working now adays. I see more of bad rep then good... I think there should be a limit on how many times you can give bad rep to one user =)