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    PPC for Anime sites

    PPC are generally low on anime sites. You can want to try CPM ads as well.
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    Their hosting is seriously garbage. Only good if you're going to use plain text html. Forget about php/mysql or anything else.
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    Looking for hosting for anime fansub/fansite....

    Budget: 3-4 dollars/month Specs: At least 500 MB or more Bandwidth: At least 8 GB or more php/mysql.....couple of mysql databases Cpanel is preferred Allow .torrent files (anime/manga/fansub related only) free forum SMF, blog Nucleus must work with the current server setting Couple of...
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    Canadian web host

    I'm sorry to say this, netfirm hosting is horrible but they are good for domains.
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    Can anybody view this site!!!

    www.schenkerlogisticscanada.com I am just wonder if this site is up or is it some sort of problem with my browser! :cry2:
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    request~20mb space and 50gb bandwidth for manga hosting^^

    You're asking quite a bit bw. Even a (ads)free host offers it, it might not be stable. My suggestion is get a website with a (stable) free hosts and link your manga scanlation to a free filehosting service like megaupload. If you search around a bit, you might able to find file hosting...
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    Will 2 hosts 1 domain work?

    Yes, my original setup mentioned won't work because it would simply take the very first NS in the list and ignore the others. Thank Stealthy for pointing out the "round-robin" keyword. I just searched google a bit and found some useful information. Round robin setup is generally used for...
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    Inmotion Anybody Ever Used This Host

    That's 2 dedi for the price of 1 shared webhost. Soon, shared will be advertising for 10 TB bw. Now, it all becomes a number. Service and quality doesn't matter anymore.
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    The Best 1 Click FREE IMAGE HOSTING ! - ImageMania

    There is nothing in the site. Blank white page!:confused4
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    Will 2 hosts 1 domain work?

    For the time being, let's keep the argument aside as why use 2 different hosts. Let assume I use nameserver 1 and 2 for host#1 and nameserver 3 and 4 for host#2. Let say host#1 went down, will the visitor able to access the website via second host. Is this practically feasible or it won't...
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    [WTB] VBulletin Owned license - Soon to be expired ok

    WTB= wanted to buy FS = For sale WTS = Wanted to sale These are terms usually used in buy and sell forums!
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    Comments please on a proxy site

    Nice and very fast. That's what I like! Having no ads is a plus.
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    Need just cpanel with 0MB space!!

    Why don't you forward them with meta tags. <html><head><meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0;url=http://www.forwardsite.com"></head><body></body></html>
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    Is proxy surfing safe?

    I am wondering using proxy to surf the net is a safe concept or not, specially, if you're visiting sites that requires login. Where does the cookies get stored: on your computer or the proxy server?
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    Simply free hosting! No hassles, no problems! Private hosting!

    So, you are asking to both post on forums and place google ads?
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    block-proof popup/layer-ads?

    paypopup gets blocked very easily. Their pay is good but be careful as they pay unique from certain countries only (mostly from NA and EUROPE).
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    Google, Adbrite, Clicksor, Bidvertiser, YPN. Which one?

    Actually, I thought google now allows other contextual ads as well. The only catch the is that the other contextual ad can't be same in appearance and they can't be very close to each other. YPN suppose to have the highest CPC, but adsense is better as a contextual ads thus more CTR.
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    1 free .info give away...

    the domain is quotee.info and it is expiring april 02, 2007 If you want it, here are rules -you'll re-register before it expires else what's the point -You'll not resale right after I give it to you on another forum(unless you re-register or sale after april 03, 2007 - at least have 20 posts...
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    Free Invision, phpBB2, YaBBSE Boards

    Sorry, but what is your MSN address? :confused4
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    Free Invision, phpBB2, YaBBSE Boards

    Full Name:broodfaun Admin Username: admin Admin Password: pass Site Name:Animes What Board You Would Like:Invision Subdomain You Would Like:crossfade Brief Discription (two words or none):Anime discussion